December 21, 2010

Gurukitty Studios: First Day of Winter Contest

Gurukitty Studios: First Day of Winter Contest: "It's the first day of winter! We wanted to celebrate our favorite season with a fun contest. Before we begin, let me taunt you with the priz..."

December 13, 2010

Life Drawing Models Needed


Opus North Vancouver is looking to hire Life drawing models of all genders, shapes and sizes for un-instructed life drawing sessions to be held in 2011.

Clothed and nude models are needed, as well as props and well behaved pets.


The sessions are not instructed so the model would be self directed regarding pose lengths, props, etc. Models would be expected to provide artists with a nice variety of poses and pose lengths (we do have a pre-made schedule if you aren’t comfortable with that).

We would like the classes to be about 3-4 hours long each, and we are looking for weekend and weekday models.


We are offering 20$ per hour and we like to book our models a couple months in advance, if possible. 

If you have any questions or need more information please call:
604-904-0447 ext:2110

To speak to the Store Manager Ann, or the Coordinator Jeri 

You can also e-mail your portfolio/resume and cover letter to:

Ann Mountney
Store Manager

CC to:

penelope in winter - markers

Hey! Phew, I finally finished this one at last. It took a little while, and was a little nerve racking with the red over top of such a light background since red is such a strong colour, a little smudge would pretty much be permanent. LOL.
I did the background first with a series of Cool Greys, layering in all the trees and snow, then I took a colourless blender and dotted the while bg, to give that dense snowy look (I showed this technique before), then coloured Penelope, that way I didn't have to worry about accidentally dragging red out into the bg when I tried to colour it. I then couldn't decide on the birds colour, so I scanned it once Penelope was nearly done, and then coloured the little bird roughly a few different colours:
Seeing which bird would look the best!

It was pretty clear to me after seeing this that the red bird would be best. it complimented her dress well, and still stood out!
So, then I finished colouring it, and then I put copper leaf on a few of the beads in her hair, and on the birds longest tail feather. The original looks way way way better than online, partially because of the copper leaf looking so special in real life,but also the yellows didn't scan well, so the warm light casting on the snow between the trees just kind of... died...

Anyway, thought I'd share my little drawing!
(crosspost from markerguru)

December 12, 2010

Penelope - wip

Here is a little work in progress of the sketch I posted before.

RED IS HARD! it doesn't erase, and I have a SOMEWHAT limited pile of reds in my Copic arsenal, so I'm jumping all over the reds finding sets to blend with. I think this is going well though. Got sort of a watercoloury look right now.

I did the bg first this time, because knowing there was going to be reds in the foreground I never wanted to risk smudging it out, cuz it never goes away. also I wanted to be a little sloppy, and just erase the greys on the areas I wanted to keep clean anyway.

I like it so far, I hope you do too. Going to try to finish it tomorrow.

December 06, 2010

Copic Classes

In early 2011 I will be starting Online Copic marker classes on the CDAC. I will strive to make them universally applicable to all purposes not just illustration or crafting. They will be entertaining, stimulating and informative, and I think they're a pretty unique angle for markers.
For the most part classes will be affordable, 1 month long, have at least 1 assignment, free digital images, and a give away at the end of the class. you will receive a completion badge for your blog or website as well.

if you think you'll be interested in the classes please feel free to fill out this short form to be informed when enrolment begins.
You will not be emailed for anything but Copic classes hosted by myself.

Please help me by spreading the word to your friends for me, I'd really appreciate it!
I'll be cross posting this to all my blogs, so I apologize if anyone watches more than one blog, you'll be bombarded. 

December 01, 2010

Body worlds, paper etc

So, I am posting pictures of naked women.. and by naked I mean, skinless, dissected, bisected and posed.
So I did a few sketches at body worlds but by the time I had warmed up they were closing soon, so I only got a couple decent sketches.  Please keep in mind, all the models were plasticized and manipulated to show the muscle structure or internal organs, and if nothing else, they were all skinless -only bone, muscle, sinew and nerves etc. so they're not accurate to surface anatomy for the most part.
This was one called Angel, because they had her back opened up like wings. I didn't draw the "wings" but it does account for the lack of filling out of her back in the sketch.
This is one angle of the female ice skater figure. her body was wonderfully twisted. this was my favourite one.
2 more angles of the female ice skater.

yesterday my special order came in at Opus for a ream of Xpress It blending card. It's magnificent paper for copic markers. Not that I don't like my aquabee paper still, but this stuff is something special!
By the way if you live close to an Opus location, the cost is close to icopics price, but no shipping if you pick up at the store. 

Anyways, I was thrilled to receive it!
Okay, got lesson plans to write!

November 29, 2010

sketch - penelope

SO I've sketched this image out. I've inked it as well but I just can't help but think that the ink doesn't do the sketch justice, and this sketch I'm very fond of.
That's kinda frustrating, to not be able to bring an image to completion fluidly. I'm going to re-ink it I think, on blending card probably and this time complete it.
I'll use my first inked version for colour testing, lol.
 Anyway, enjoy the sketch for now. Hopefully it interests people instead of boring them.

November 02, 2010

Nakia Marker Drawing

Copics on Blending card.
Side note: I hate how this embedd code adds text links below it (which I removed). It's so slick until *Boom*, nasty text. the text within the embed is enough really.
I needed to do something other than little noodle apendaged potato cartoons. LOL

November 01, 2010

Production Diary - Hello Albertosaurus Inking

Well, I'm moving slowly, Juggling projects and life, but I'm getting stuff done!
I've done the pencils for several pages from Day one(my chapters go by days of the trip) and so today I started inking some of the pages that were fully pencilled.
page 4 being inked on my Light Tracer 2
The Light box is a great one, but being that I'm working in a smaller format than Jeri does on Daqueran, the big light box can be cumbersome for me, especially since I like to work on my desk.
I'm excited that soon I'll be getting the 9x12 light pad from artograph. My store where I work is going to be getting them in soon (they already have the 6x9). its got a glass top so the surface will stay flat, and it's narrower so it will not sit so high on my desk. Also since it's 9x12 it won't take up so much room on my wee desk.The day 1 chapter will be readable on line once I get some pages set up and I decide where about I'm going to be posting it on line. Probably just on the website.
Anyway, back to inking.

October 12, 2010

Hello, Albertosaurus - Production Diary

been working on Hello, Albertosaurus today. I was going to wait until after my Memoir course at Emily Carr, but I already know how to make comics, I took a course on it on 2004 as well, so why wait? I'm really only looking at the course to give some specific insight into making it a memoir more than the comic making part.

Anyway, I started working away on the page planning aspect of it. and I had an unopened sketchbook that turned out to be perfect. I have everything set up here, my post it notes, Triangle (improperly labelled as a t square, lol.) travel journal, and post it notes.

I am finally making use of all that table space I cleared out so I could have an art desk. When I'm home alone I often find it awkward to draw on the couch because I prefer to listen to music than watch movies while arting, but Kitty likes the movies. On my desk I'm right next to my music, and google, for referencing.

So I wanted to plan it out pretty well before tackling the full pages. I'm going to be colouring the whole thing in copic markers which as many of you know, can be a rather time consuming operation with all the layering and blending, so I want to make sure I have as few redo's once I get to the colouring stages, as possible.

Since my comic is going to be in a square format, Post it notes were a beautiful way to plan out my pages. I've taken 2 post it notes per page in my sketchbook, and each post it represents a page in the future comic. Then I have room to dabble little notes through out the margins. If I need to change a page, or add a page, I just un-stick the post its to re arrange. I've also left the back sides of the pages blank, in case something needs adding in etc. See my photo for a close up of a page layout page.

I'm so happy to finally have a Full Spectrum lamp at my desk. It's true what they say about reducing eye strain, and the colour matching! my Copics never looked so good! when i look up from the desk, my whole apartment looks like I'm looking at it through a glass of apple juice. The world is just yellow! LOL

Anyway, back to work!

October 04, 2010

Opus Christmas card contest

At my work, Opus, Every year they give us this really tiny deadline to get in a Christmas card contest entry. I know I wont win because it's not christmassy enough. At the same time they preach being neutral because of our heavily mixed culture, but I know they want christmassy. I'm going to Cross post this to my marker blog, sorry for those who watch both, you'll get it twice
Anyway, this is my little frog entry:
It's frogs. Yup.Even though frogs wouldn't be out in winter.
I was kinda making a jab at the mild winters here. 
Okay the rules state Opus logo must be present in the card so I hope mine's not too hidden. 
The frogs ate glow bugs in the opus logo colours, and they're tummies are glowing and the Opus logo is the coloured reflections in the water.
I think it looks cute so even if I don't win I think the logo isn't SO obvious it can't stand on it's own as an illustration.
I may fiddle with the text and placement a little but meh, I kinda like it.

September 27, 2010

Gurney Journey: Panel Roo

This is a pretty awesome little tool for some artists who have trouble storing or transporting their panels! click on the link to see the original blog post.

Gurney Journey: Panel Roo: "Jason Daniel Jackson has come up with a simple and lightweight way to store wet oil panels, two at a time. It's called 'PanelRoo,' and it's..."

September 03, 2010

Hello, Albertosaurus Colour

Here are some cute coloured model sheets for the 3 players in Hello, Albertosaurus, as well as a little scenery drawing of Dinosaur national park! A little idea of how the comics are going to look!
Daddys nasty yellow nicorette gum, HAHA!

The layers of colour in the hoodoo's was one of my favourite things.

Buttons on hat vary from picture to picture HAHA!

Not happy with how over-saturated this one turned out. Bad editing. its quite earthy in real life.

September 01, 2010

Hello, Albertosaurus

I've finally settled on "Hello, Albertosaurus" as the title of my memoir comic. The poll didn't help me choose, it helped me decide what I hated.
The cheezy filler titles I threw in there just because they were dino words got the most votes but I'd never fathom calling a serious comic those. It was pretty clear people didn't have any idea of the story while voting.

Anyway, having said that, here is a quicky little modelsheet for the 3 main characters of the comic.

Little Jepi: standard pose, Talk to the hand pose, Starch worship, jumprope
Little Daddy: standard pose, wont climb hoodoo pose, nicorette bubble pose
Little Guru: standard pose, eating poutine pose, punting pachyderm pose, 2 run poses.

as time goes on and I solidify more I'll show more of them. I have many animals, characters and settings to design to match the sand-bag design of these little guys here.

Just as a side note the final product is going to be a perfect bound comic/ graphic novel. I will not be publishing it online except extra material like this, and promotional things. 

August 30, 2010

New project - Alberta memoirs comic.

Going back to my roots as a comic artist! I'm doing a comic series, sort of like a memoir of our trip with dad into the world of dinosaurs! It's going to be pretty cutesy, but also have some of my normal colourful language in it ;)
I've decided it's going to be either 8x8 or 6x6 square perfect bound book. and only one book, not multiple issues or anything. After this I'm going to do something about my mum too, but not sure what. we've never taken a long trip really. maybe when we moved to terrace.... That was an adventure!
The nice thing about my trip with Daddy is, it was well documented. Thousands of photos, a daily blog, and a trip map. All these will make it into my comic.
I think Each chapter will have a "day" Represented, so it will be either 7 or 8 chapters.
You can read about my trip on my other blog
Kitty is going to be making my template for me to make my pages for Ka-blam printing for when I scan each page, and I am debating posting it online or not. Technically my whole story is on-line already with the blog, and I'd hate to lose sales to the print world because people aren't very supportive of comic artists.
I know with Daqueran, many people don't buy it because it's online.

Well, anyway, this will be added on Gurukitty once I hammer out some of the logistics, and make a promotional image for it! I also need a title!
Any suggestions?

August 28, 2010

DVD give away

I'm busy burning all the DVD's for tomorrows comix and stories give away. The DVD's have the Daqueran short film on them, plus my Not A peep film. They'll play in DVD players and computer's ideally. At least, They played in ours.
Super Limited supply. Only for people who spend over $20

well, wish us luck at the Con tomorrow!

August 23, 2010

Gurukitty Studios: Tik Production - behind the scenes

Gurukitty Studios: Tik Production - behind the scenes: "We've been ploughing away creating tons of unique Tiks for sale at the upcoming comics and stories convention! We've got around 30 Tiks fres..."

August 21, 2010

Gurukitty Studios: Convention appearance: Comix and Stories

Gurukitty Studios: Convention appearance: Comix and Stories: "Welcome to the Gurukitty Studios New blog! We've created this blog as a way for you to easily follow comic updates, events/appearances, Project updates... READ MORE"

August 04, 2010

Custom Tiks

Made some examples of custom Tik's you can get if you'd like!
Just head over to the shop and order a tik!

August 02, 2010

Fan Fair fest cancelled

The convention, Fan Fair fest were were to attend in september has cancelled.

Keep an eye on our shop for sales to clear out the tons of extra merchandise we have. We never charge shipping.

August 01, 2010

Stego -thumbs

So Mum said that Jake liked my sea monsters painting so much (gave it to them, at the time there was only one kid) and now there is Fin so I'm doing a dinosaur painting for him.
I no longer have any acrylics (my least favourite medium on earth) and so I'm going to have to do it in oils which will be a long process I think. But anyway, I wanted to show my cute little colour test image because it will probably be cuter than the final painting HAHA!
Click to enlarge
Here it is. there is a thumbnail sketch and a marker thumbnail I did of what I wanted the colour scheme to be. I do this for most of my art work, on varying degrees of depth. 
These sketches are about an inch High.

The final painting will be oil 16"x18" on stretched belgium linen

July 20, 2010


I live streamed the colouring of my Andre picture today. I think it turned out well.

Oh, side note, I've gotten very close to completing the screenplay. just a few more final sequences and I think it will be all hammered out :)

Watch live streaming video from guruubii at

Andre- rainy morning by `guruubii on deviantART

Andre Sketch

At some point today, I'm going to be live streaming the colouring of this image :)
I'ts going to be a rainy day, and it's (like most of my art) a concept art illustration based off a scene in my film.
I've inked it in cool grey, but I'll have to go in after and do some touch up inking as well.
So watch my deviantART journal, or my twitter (You'll have to follow me) for an announcement on when I start.

July 12, 2010

Screenplay Progress

Word Counts
  Element Total Words
  Action 7846
  Dialog 3763
  Scene Heading 1187
  Character 336
  Parenthetical 135
  Transition 32

  Character Total Dialog Words
  SARAH 800
  JACK 702
  VICTOR 464
  PEHNY 406
  NAKIA 367
  SETH 263
  DEMI 206
  EDLYN 119
  BALA 88
  GINO 76
  ANDRE 59
  STACY 37
  MAN 2 20
  Other 25

Words at start of session: 11468
Words at end of session: 13299
Total words written: 1831
New Scenes: 34
Action Words: 989
Dialog Words: 634

Words Written: 13299
Word goal: 20000
66.4% complete

Rough animation

I just did an hour or so of live rough animation on Livestream. It was painful on my back, and my cat jumped up on me twice... 3 times.. LOL
it was neat. Anyways, I did some rough animation for a promo animation I'm doing for Kitty, again LOL. It's going to me an animated Promo for Daqueran Issue 6. It will be neat I think.

Heres the line test of what I've done so far, in case you want to see that too. Hopefully it will work. Photobucket gives a little trouble now and then. Click the thumbnail to view it.


July 11, 2010

Conflagration Screenplay status

Should start posting my progress on the screenplay, since it is part of Film production :)
So I have some production statistics I get with my screenplay, and here they are. I'm doing a lot of revisions, so for basically every word I write, I also delete, so please keep that in mind!

Total session time: 3 hours, 51 minutes

Words at start of session: 10537
Words at end of session: 11548
Total words written: 1011

New Scenes: 13
Action Words: 815
Dialog Words: 88

New Characters:
    * MAN 2
    * PEHNY
    *  JACK

New Dialogue:
MAN 2 20             
 JACK 11  (gah! this name has a space in front! Have to fix that)           
JACK 9             

Total Dialogue (words)
JACK 658
  SARAH 588
  VICTOR 459
  PEHNY 360
  NAKIA 352
  SETH 234
  EDLYN 121
  DEMI 58
  ANDRE 43
  GINO 41
  STACY 37
  MAN 2 20
  Other 47

Element Total Words
  Action 6856
  Dialog 3129
  Scene Heading 1044
  Character 266
  Parenthetical 159
  Transition 13

Script Goal (approximate)
Words Written: 11467
Word goal: 30000

Demi Finished

Every single thing doesn't need to be a masterpiece. I enjoy the good qualities in this one, and learned from the bad qualities

Staff Show.

I wrote about my staff show here.

I'm reworking my screenplay a bit today, then I'm going back to classically animating (on paper this time) a short segment for a promotional spot. I'm using it as a way of working out my skills to get me up to par for Conflagration. my Daqueran short was working out how fast I could rip through a film without trying to hard, ROFL.

Fan fair fest is only 2 months away and we also have a ton of work to do casting Tik's, making pendants and busting out some merchandise!

Well, back to work<3

July 08, 2010

Animation Line Tester

Most 2D animators know what a linetester is, but just in case you don't a linetester is a tool used to take frame by frame photos of your animation. most people, like me, use it to quickly test our rough animation to see how it's going!
a real line tester is expensive - Lightfoot sells them but the least expensive one is 900$ and it's really just a camera on a boom.(the best deal I can see is this one for $949).
The software is another story. Most people use Digicel, I used it in school, but I don't have it now. Plastic Animation paper will work I think, so long as the frames are numbered in sequence.

Anyways, I made myself a linetester! Woot!
Heres what I did.
I got a webcam - anything that will shoot still images is great
A dowel - got it from Opus for 2 bucks.
Casting Resin - I used Amazing Casting resin from Opus. additionally, I used a pre-made mold from Amazing mold putty.

I first mixed the resin and poured it in my mould. I held the dowel in place with my hand. The resin is fast setting (faster than most resins!) and heat helps the proccess, and since it was 30 degrees today, that was hot enough to make this set in less than 10 minutes.

The dowel secured in place, I cut a couple notches in the backside of the dowel on the top end, and wired my webcam facing downward. the notch helps the wire not to slip. Eventually I'll make a more permanent (and something easy to take my camera on and off the stand), but for now the wire works!

So thats it! I'll be using this for doing video tutorials, Live streams and pencil tests! It's awesome! I'm so stoked!

New: Heres a little test animation I'm doing, first chance to use my line tester :D

June 29, 2010

New sketch -demi

I don't draw nearly enough Demi. I liked how this sketch was turning out so I'm going to turn it into more Marker art. I've got a roughish BG in there that hardly scanned at all, but I'll flesh it out more.

I got some product samples from versicolour in the mail today. I'm going to give the sketch cards a go, later on.

Seems like a  neat company with some swell products :D

anyways, time for Dinner. Just wanted to share.

June 28, 2010

Live Animation

I sat on live stream and did clean up and DIP on A scene from The daqueran short today. The vids are up on LS, if you wanna see. Here they are. I'll likely be back on here next monday doing more animation too :D

Part 1:

Watch live streaming video from guruubii at

Part 2:

Watch live streaming video from guruubii at

Part 3:

guruubii on Broadcast Live Free

June 27, 2010

Gift for ClockWorkSky

Clock work sky did 2 drawings for me recently, so I thought I'd do at least one for her. Seemed only fair, right? This is my Abade and her Agapi. 


I coloured this live on Livestream today. I posted on Marker Guru with the embedded videos, so I wont do it again here.

June 21, 2010

More art - Penelope (not work safe)

I did a couple marker sketches today of Penelope. She's probably one of my most under appreciated characters. She's stunning and has a nice costume design ( in my opinion) and she's sleek and fun to draw.

I almost never draw my characters nude, and while I was originally going to colour a waterfall, or shower or something behind her, I opted for something more abstract since I didn't want that classic tahitian beauty stereotype. LOL
The other one of her sitting was just me experimenting with a curvy animation style in a sketch and decided to colour her since I had so few coloured pics of her. it's very similar to a drawing I did before of her, so it's kinda like a redraw.
changed her shoes too.
anyways, thought someone might like em :)

LiveStream - Live colouring

Tuesday June 22 at 12pm PST I'll be colouring an image of Abade live on my live stream. please come check it out if you have time. I'll be leaving the recording up there if I can, so you can watch the recording later if you want to :)
this will be my first time doing a live stream so even if you can't attend, let me know if you're interested in these sort of things. The response I receive now will dictate whether i take the time to do these again. 

June 19, 2010

Abade sunning on rock

So I finished it! Yay! All in Copic Markers. First time doing a orange sky like that. I bet it could have been softer with the airbrush but I experimented a bit and this was the best vibrancy I got... so ya.

anyways, Enjoy :>

June 17, 2010

W.I.P. - Abade sun rock

Thought I'd throw up a Work in Progress of a marker drawing. I'm doing Abade sunning herself on a rock.
So far I've done most of the rocks and most of her, the sky only has a base layer. The sky is going to be a deep deep orange with glowing yellow clouds. like bright sunset...I deliberately didn't crop it so you could see my scrumbly edges. I made marks where the eventual crop might be, but sometimes it's nice to see the scrumblies.

The moss is 3 colours of green over top a yellow base. I blended them in a lot. I then used a piece of terry cloth misted with blender an dabbed it on for a little more texture in the rocks and the moss.

I'm going to finish it up this weekend I hope. I have to buy my other markers. Copics don't have a lot of oranges in the range.
Anyways, thought you'd be interested maybe... :)

June 13, 2010

Sketch Page

So, I meant to upload this a couple days ago, but for some reason the thought of scanning it was really off putting... it only takes a couple seconds, so I don't know what that was about. LOL.

So, I had to wait a couple hours at the Quay before going to a play (Diane's Daughter Gen was in Sweeney Todd at her highschool) and I was having a hard time drawing anything, so I started drawing the album cover displayed on my Zune,  which was Gaga. and then the other little heads sort of ... filled in the rest of the page.

Top left: Jack making a creepy face.
middle top: Nakia, I'd like to move her eyes but, whatever
below Gaga: Penelope
Below Jack: Bala
Below Nakia: Sarah
Below Sarah: Peni and Victor
Below Penelope: Random guy.

I left this one a little bigger so when you click to enlarge you can see my sketch lines.. if you want to. To me that's always the best part of sketches, but I know not everyone is so into the organic mechanics (as I call it) of drawing like I am.

Oh, I do all my sketches with a blue mechanical Colour Eno pencil by the way.
Anyways, hope someone enjoys my sketches :)

I might post some photos of the piles if cast Tiks and Abades I have later today, Hee hee :)

June 02, 2010

Drinks in the great hall by `guruubii

So I finished it :) Its all done in Copic Markers. I used some blender techniques for some texture, but you cant see it so well in the scan. Oh well. :p

Edlyn, Jack and Nakia at the Hall having a drink.
In the background, Seth, Random Guy, Random girl, Pehny, and Sarah

I did something new with this one. I inked the BG and BG characters in grey and then did a few layers of french grey before colouring, and coloured in muted colours to push the BG back more, and the foreground characters are inked in black, with fully saturated colours
I think it was pretty effective

June 01, 2010

New Sketch -abade

Thought I'd toss up a little sketch I did of my gryphon, Abade.
Still Working on the other pic, it's coming along. Should finish tomorrow perhaps.

May 31, 2010

Bar scene Preview - markers

I thought I should post a preview of what I'm working on, since I posted the line art, I thought maybe someone might be interested to see it at this next stage. 
The photo is terrible to be sure, I don't think you can make out any of the texture on the rock wall. I used a blender solution dampened piece of terry cloth and dabbed it on the rock wall and floor for a textured effect. I think it turned out nicely. I also like how the bg is looking. 
I inked it in grey, and the foreground characters in black to make them pop out, I also did a layer of French grey 10% over top of all the bg characters and elements, and I am using lighter colours on them as well.
Anyways, Enjoy this odd stage of the process :)

May 28, 2010

Ink Lineart

Wanted to show off my ink lineart of my new drawing. I've finally (FINALLY) got my grey pens, so I could ink this sketch :D I inked the bg characters and elements in the grey, and the foreground in the black! I think it's a nice effect! Now i just gotta colour the whole thing :p
Pictured here:
Edlyn, Jack, Nakia, Seth, Pehny, And Sarah plus 2 no name nobodies! HAHA
Whatchoo think?

May 27, 2010

Character Bio: Gerard

Who is Gerard?
Gerard Falconer is the Elder of the Agouti village and father to Victor and Demi Falconer. He long held the position of Clan Leader but his involvement in a Tribal war left him emotionally scarred and, in his opinion, not stable enough to maintain the Position. He stepped down to allow his son to fill that role. He is a well respected and loved member of the village. He is the resident Falconer and animal trainer in the village. While most people are able to train their own animals, he will also buy or trade animals captured, train and resell them to other villagers. He also trains birds for hunting. His Gryphon Abade is his most trusted companion, as well as Gino Tanner, who has been a friend of the Falconers for many years.
Weakness: Self Doubt, does not place trust easily in people.
Strengths: Great instincts (but it's voided sometimes by his doubt), wise and patient.

What was the Inspiration for Gerard.
I'm a movie buff, and I've always liked the older men with lots of character in their faces. Crooked noses, angles, scars etc. so his appearance fills that love of mine. I've also hated the way TV and movies always portray older men as either feeble eccentrics, or wizards. Personality wise I needed a character that could be a mentor for Victor as he appears to be rather young, it wouldn't be fitting for him to lead a whole clan of people without some kind of guidance. His past and his knowledge will be important in the overall story as well.

Gerards Relationship to other Characters
Gerard, as I mentioned has 2 grown children Victor and Demi. He is closest to Victor mainly because if the needs of the clan leader, but he dotes on Demi. Victors daughter Nakia is very close to Gerard as well. Nakia is one of the few people who see the happier side of Gerard more often than not. 

Artwork with Gerard
unfortunately, few and far between

May 26, 2010

[sketchblog] may26/10 - old sketches

Well, I sketched on the Seabus today, but it was hard because it was wet, and crowded. SO I didn't do anything really worth the effort of scanning; I did however cruise through my old sketchbook and have a good laugh at myself when I saw this sketch in there.

Demi Falconer with her Bow and arrow in a tree straddling a branch. ROFL! It's quite ridiculous. I remember sketching it and thinking that at the time too. I recall that I was just really interested in doing some nice drawings of my characters with a weapon of some manner and I remember thinking about the little details like how her dress would pull on the branch, and steadying herself with her foot on the lower branch. Overall I do like the sketch, I don't know why I never finished it. Maybe someday I will.
So anyways, I decided to scan all my half ideas, sketches and stuff I thought might be interesting to you today, instead of posting bad seabus sketches :p

Right after that Demi sketch in the sketchbook is this little sketch of Gino Tanner with his whip. Yes, I thought a man who dedicated himself to tearing the hide from animals for a living would likely do the same thing in a combat situation. I vaguely recall not finishing it because it hid his face too much, and while I wasn't opposed to that per say, I didn't want to cover his cute moustache (such as it is). I might Finish it someday. One day I might be hard up for colouring! HAHA! I always need an excuse to break out the Copics.

Alongside gino in the book were these thumbnail sketches of various whip poses. Obviously a few of the more prominent ones are female, but I think that's just cuz I like drawing women so much, HA! Maybe I liked these poses better so I never finished sketching Gino for that reason. Who knows.

I do like 2 of these a bit better than the one I did in the above sketch so maybe one day I'll revisit the concept. Again, I don't think the sketch is bad. Unfortunately some of my best sketches never make it to the final drawing board, for one reason or another.

Lets see whats next, Oh yes. Some of you might recall in April I did a Sculpture of Kitty's unicorn from Daqueran. I did some initial sketches for that one. Here is the main image I used as a reference for that sculpture.
Turned out pretty good, I thought.

Speaking of Sculptures, there are 2 now on the go that I have planned for the near future; probably after Fan Fair Fest is over. They're a pair; both my monsters - my gryphon Abade, and my ..whatever, Joey - pining for cherries. I think they'll make a cute pair. In the sketch of Abade, you get a bit of an idea of the construction process I've got planned for her. I'm still looking for supplies for her construction as well. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to find little narrow pipes when you don't have a vehicle to explore outside your travel zones.
So there you go, A little glimpse into the unseen sketches of my big fat sketchbook... one of the many sketchbooks I have on the go at any given time. I have about 20 books either untouched or partially used. It's amazing how many I have sometimes, Lol.

Hopefully this was interesting to someone :)
As a last bit, here's a little section of my current sketch, that I hope to actually finish!

May 24, 2010

guruubii's poll

guruubii's poll: Which colour Scheme is best for this creature I've designed for my :devconflagration-film: ? (Isn't it rad? I'll post a good drawing once I decide on the colour :la: )

Decide on the colour scheme of this new creature design :)
If you don't have a deviantart account just leave the number in a comment here :)


I decided to participate in the GryphonArtistsUnited group's art exchange, and this is what I did. It's Eviri's Gryphon, done in Copic Markers with the Copic ABS :)

guruubii's poll: What would help you connect to the characters of Coflagration more?

guruubii's poll: What would help you connect to the characters of Coflagration more?

I feel like my characters are just not memorable, or my followers are not able to connect with them in some ways. I don't know if it's because it's a long animated film, so the true characters don't come out ever, but perhaps there is something that can be done to help create a connection to these characters while the film is being made?

Suggestions and feed back are truly welcome!

May 22, 2010

[sketchblog] may 22/10

I slipped a little Victor Sketch in this one. I picked up my new markers so I got more colours in the afternoon sketches :) I think I need to challenge myself more, so I tried contour line sketches but I think I lose some substance in that loose style. What do you think?

May 21, 2010

[sketchblog] may 21/10

Marker still running dry, but I forgot to pick up the new ones I had on Hold! Tomorrow I guess.

May 20, 2010

[sketchblog] may 20/10

seabus sketches from today. I wrote the times on there. I didn't scan them all, they're kinda redundant after a while. my Mars Duo marker is running dry on the brush end. Hate! so the top left one was done with the bullet end. not as much fun, but a neat look kinda. the drying markers gives some nice soft tones though.

May 18, 2010

Portrait of a Nerd

I did a self portrait. My only other self portrait is a Polymer clay shadow box sculpture of the moments before my life ends, but that's a little dark. This ones moody, but it works better. The colours lie.

Copic Markers and Various Ink (splashed with paintbrush) on Aquabee Bleed Proof Paper.

As a side note, I have tumblr account, follow me there if you have one too.
I've made a page linking all my online hang outs.
It's located at my former commission website I'll gussy it up later.

May 17, 2010

Sculpture and storyboard.


I did a little bust sculpture of a new character for Kitty's Daqueran. I did the sculpture as a first sneak peek. Check it out

Its Polymer clay, and Real moss.
The painting was a bit tricky. Once I layered a couple times, it started to resist the coming layers. Gave him a bit of a swampy skin texture I didn't mind too much :)
I did the original sculpt a month or so ago, but didn't bake it and finish it off until today.

I thought I'd scan a spread from my little Moleskine storyboard notebook. It's where I first translate my little writings into images. I then take these into photoshop and make a real storyboard from them and make all the changes there. 
my writing for my story tends to be in random notebooks, scribbled all about. I attempted to keep a real screenplay going, but it seems to be difficult for me HAHA! Eventually I will make sure everything gets translated into all its various elements though. Anyways, since I dont get to post much production stuff, I thought this might be nice for some people to see?

March 19, 2010

Unicorn Final stages

I finally finished the Unicorn! I've already got the sketch for my next sculpt too HAHA!
Here she is with 3 coats of white paint. and one of a close up of the frisket over her Jade eyes so they dont get painted over. 

And here she is complete:

Heres a little close up of the moss.
This base is probably temporary; I want to cover it with real moss and stuff.

9"h x 6.5"l x 4"w
Made of Super Sculpey
Jade eyes
Painted with Airbrush and Acrylic Paint.
I'm Quite pleased! Quite.

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