October 06, 2009

White Pheonix Chrismtas card

SO I finished my Christmas card entry for the Opus Staff contest.  I think it turned out well. I'll be pissed if i don't win HAHA!

Okay as always, I'll give a little bit about the process:
I inked it in Prismacolour brown fineliner. Its like a sakura micron style pen, but its made by prismacolour.
Then I used frisket Film to cut out the blue box area, leaving everything else covered in frisket. I used my LetraJet Marker airbrush and Blue Pearl Promarker and airbrushed the bg in a circular pattern being sure to make some rather obvious rings. I peeled off the frisket, and then used Copic Markers on the rest of it. Cad Red, Peony, mauve shadow, line green, Yellow green, light pink, cad yellow, and a mix colour I made was my palette. I did light layers.

And thats that.
It was my first real attempt using the frisket film and I must say it was a delight. a real delight! I've had some people caution me that a lot of the low tack frisket film would tooth my paper badly but it doesn't at ALL! Definitely going to be a regular stock item for me HAHA!

Okay, so I have an airbrush Demo at work to do. October 17th. If you're in North Vancouver, stop by between 2pm and 4pm and get some airbrush lessons!
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