March 09, 2014

Lots of tutorials, Deviantart Alive again.

I've started using my deviantART account again. I've posted some art on there, and I'm going to make sure to post lots of sketches in my scraps. I'm trying to find some more artists to follow on there because most of my DevWatch represents my interests of 6 years ago and doesn't necessarily thrill me any more.

I've done a TON of tutorials for and for everyone's convenience I've been keeping the list on the resources page of my website.I've done 15 since the last one I posted on here. Wow. They must really like me...

We've sent our Gateways to Beyond comic to the printers. We're expecting the first batch April 4th. Cutting it close for some of our conventions but barring any major issues we should be OK.

Heres some recent art work - all created for Tutorials, oops. One day I'll do art for me, haha.

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