January 31, 2011

Sketches, classes

 I've got one BUSY month going on! 
My Copic Class starts tomorrow! There is still time to register! I'm a little nervous, but then again... I'm not. I've had such a good response to my blog, and my many tutorials out there I'm sure I can make it worthwhile for the students. 

I am also teaching a second class through my work. I'm going to be teaching Acrylic Gel transfers In North Vancouver. If you're a card maker this is a really neat and unique way to add some dimension and texture to a card! Check out the information on the class here.

After these classes are all done, I'm going to try to get my natural life rhythm back! If my work schedule can be more consistent that would be much easier but I wont hold my breath on that one, or I'll turn blue and die.
I'm going to go back to working on my Comics consistently, and occasionally throwing out a free bee to you guys, though they won't be with the regularity they were in the past.

So I've been sketching here and there:
Here's a page of hand sketches I did in my new sketchbook.
Rough hand sketches. Blue ColourEno pencil.
Also, and Kitty might kill me for sharing this image before her, but I coloured it so... whatever :p
Kitty drew this sketch and I was itching to play with my markers so I did some skin colour testing on it for her. Here is what we came up with. 
http://gurukitty.com/batp for more information on this comic!

I'm going to go rummage for some food, and play my Wii a little bit before diving into the colouring and making some more examples for my class!

January 01, 2011

Sketches - conflagration

Well, I've pretty much only sketched a few random things over the last few weeks. The hub-bub of Christmas and stuff, kinda cancels out the drawing sometimes. Over the next month or so I'm not sure how much drawing I'll be doing either since I'll be preparing for my class.
I do plan on forcing myself to randomly sketch some more, and not always try to push boundaries with every image that comes out of my pencils. I just need to sketch!
well heres some of them anyway; Conflagration characters heads :P
Bala, Sarah and Edlyn
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