July 20, 2010


I live streamed the colouring of my Andre picture today. I think it turned out well.

Oh, side note, I've gotten very close to completing the screenplay. just a few more final sequences and I think it will be all hammered out :)

Watch live streaming video from guruubii at livestream.com

Andre- rainy morning by `guruubii on deviantART

Andre Sketch

At some point today, I'm going to be live streaming the colouring of this image :)
I'ts going to be a rainy day, and it's (like most of my art) a concept art illustration based off a scene in my film.
I've inked it in cool grey, but I'll have to go in after and do some touch up inking as well.
So watch my deviantART journal, or my twitter (You'll have to follow me) for an announcement on when I start.

July 12, 2010

Screenplay Progress

Word Counts
  Element Total Words
  Action 7846
  Dialog 3763
  Scene Heading 1187
  Character 336
  Parenthetical 135
  Transition 32

  Character Total Dialog Words
  SARAH 800
  JACK 702
  VICTOR 464
  PEHNY 406
  NAKIA 367
  SETH 263
  DEMI 206
  EDLYN 119
  BALA 88
  GINO 76
  ANDRE 59
  STACY 37
  MAN 2 20
  Other 25

Words at start of session: 11468
Words at end of session: 13299
Total words written: 1831
New Scenes: 34
Action Words: 989
Dialog Words: 634

Words Written: 13299
Word goal: 20000
66.4% complete

Rough animation

I just did an hour or so of live rough animation on Livestream. It was painful on my back, and my cat jumped up on me twice... 3 times.. LOL
it was neat. Anyways, I did some rough animation for a promo animation I'm doing for Kitty, again LOL. It's going to me an animated Promo for Daqueran Issue 6. It will be neat I think.

Heres the line test of what I've done so far, in case you want to see that too. Hopefully it will work. Photobucket gives a little trouble now and then. Click the thumbnail to view it.


July 11, 2010

Conflagration Screenplay status

Should start posting my progress on the screenplay, since it is part of Film production :)
So I have some production statistics I get with my screenplay, and here they are. I'm doing a lot of revisions, so for basically every word I write, I also delete, so please keep that in mind!

Total session time: 3 hours, 51 minutes

Words at start of session: 10537
Words at end of session: 11548
Total words written: 1011

New Scenes: 13
Action Words: 815
Dialog Words: 88

New Characters:
    * MAN 2
    * PEHNY
    *  JACK

New Dialogue:
MAN 2 20             
 JACK 11  (gah! this name has a space in front! Have to fix that)           
JACK 9             

Total Dialogue (words)
JACK 658
  SARAH 588
  VICTOR 459
  PEHNY 360
  NAKIA 352
  SETH 234
  EDLYN 121
  DEMI 58
  ANDRE 43
  GINO 41
  STACY 37
  MAN 2 20
  Other 47

Element Total Words
  Action 6856
  Dialog 3129
  Scene Heading 1044
  Character 266
  Parenthetical 159
  Transition 13

Script Goal (approximate)
Words Written: 11467
Word goal: 30000

Demi Finished

Every single thing doesn't need to be a masterpiece. I enjoy the good qualities in this one, and learned from the bad qualities

Staff Show.

I wrote about my staff show here.

I'm reworking my screenplay a bit today, then I'm going back to classically animating (on paper this time) a short segment for a promotional spot. I'm using it as a way of working out my skills to get me up to par for Conflagration. my Daqueran short was working out how fast I could rip through a film without trying to hard, ROFL.

Fan fair fest is only 2 months away and we also have a ton of work to do casting Tik's, making pendants and busting out some merchandise!

Well, back to work<3

July 08, 2010

Animation Line Tester

Most 2D animators know what a linetester is, but just in case you don't a linetester is a tool used to take frame by frame photos of your animation. most people, like me, use it to quickly test our rough animation to see how it's going!
a real line tester is expensive - Lightfoot sells them but the least expensive one is 900$ and it's really just a camera on a boom.(the best deal I can see is this one for $949).
The software is another story. Most people use Digicel, I used it in school, but I don't have it now. Plastic Animation paper will work I think, so long as the frames are numbered in sequence.

Anyways, I made myself a linetester! Woot!
Heres what I did.
I got a webcam - anything that will shoot still images is great
A dowel - got it from Opus for 2 bucks.
Casting Resin - I used Amazing Casting resin from Opus. additionally, I used a pre-made mold from Amazing mold putty.

I first mixed the resin and poured it in my mould. I held the dowel in place with my hand. The resin is fast setting (faster than most resins!) and heat helps the proccess, and since it was 30 degrees today, that was hot enough to make this set in less than 10 minutes.

The dowel secured in place, I cut a couple notches in the backside of the dowel on the top end, and wired my webcam facing downward. the notch helps the wire not to slip. Eventually I'll make a more permanent (and something easy to take my camera on and off the stand), but for now the wire works!

So thats it! I'll be using this for doing video tutorials, Live streams and pencil tests! It's awesome! I'm so stoked!

New: Heres a little test animation I'm doing, first chance to use my line tester :D
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