September 27, 2010

Gurney Journey: Panel Roo

This is a pretty awesome little tool for some artists who have trouble storing or transporting their panels! click on the link to see the original blog post.

Gurney Journey: Panel Roo: "Jason Daniel Jackson has come up with a simple and lightweight way to store wet oil panels, two at a time. It's called 'PanelRoo,' and it's..."

September 03, 2010

Hello, Albertosaurus Colour

Here are some cute coloured model sheets for the 3 players in Hello, Albertosaurus, as well as a little scenery drawing of Dinosaur national park! A little idea of how the comics are going to look!
Daddys nasty yellow nicorette gum, HAHA!

The layers of colour in the hoodoo's was one of my favourite things.

Buttons on hat vary from picture to picture HAHA!

Not happy with how over-saturated this one turned out. Bad editing. its quite earthy in real life.

September 01, 2010

Hello, Albertosaurus

I've finally settled on "Hello, Albertosaurus" as the title of my memoir comic. The poll didn't help me choose, it helped me decide what I hated.
The cheezy filler titles I threw in there just because they were dino words got the most votes but I'd never fathom calling a serious comic those. It was pretty clear people didn't have any idea of the story while voting.

Anyway, having said that, here is a quicky little modelsheet for the 3 main characters of the comic.

Little Jepi: standard pose, Talk to the hand pose, Starch worship, jumprope
Little Daddy: standard pose, wont climb hoodoo pose, nicorette bubble pose
Little Guru: standard pose, eating poutine pose, punting pachyderm pose, 2 run poses.

as time goes on and I solidify more I'll show more of them. I have many animals, characters and settings to design to match the sand-bag design of these little guys here.

Just as a side note the final product is going to be a perfect bound comic/ graphic novel. I will not be publishing it online except extra material like this, and promotional things. 

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