March 24, 2009

Airbrush painting

Posted my first real painting with an airbrush last night. I am so pleased with it :)
I used a series of home made stencils for the background, and freehand the bottom half with airbrush. Then i painted some gouache details, and a bit of beach on the ground, and finally painted in all the mist in the BG. that's when I though I should pull some colour up to the top and added some of the orange foliage. I then pulled off the stencil masking off Bala, and coloured her in markers. Some of the airbrush sprayed underneath the stencil, and that worried me at first, but in the end I think it helped create some unity with her environment.
What do you think?

March 22, 2009

Conflagration Trailer - Animatic

So here is the animatic for the Conflagration Trailer. I know it doesn't seem like much to you guys watching it, but its the first peek at the film really, so to me its pretty significant. Its slow going, but I still feel accomplished :D

Its really rough, I'm not 100% on the timing, and the music isn't quite what I wanted, but it was the best I could do at the time :D

March 20, 2009

Daqueran in FHM

I'd like to say Ive been creating up a storm, but I haven't. I've been mostly experimenting with my new toys. I spent a ton of money getting the supplies I need to get my encaustics going, and finally tried to do it, except the hot plate I had didnt get hot enough to keep the wax molten, so I'm on another quest to get more stuff.
I need:
  • A hot plate that will get to 200ÂșC
  • Resin (it's on hold at opus, forgot to buy it)
  • Mortar and pestle (To grind resin)
So, that's not too bad. I got a decent old timey scale for weighing my ingredients, and some metal bowls to make my hot palette and tons and tons of wax!

We've also been experimenting with the airbrush a little. I wasn't too happy with how this paint behaved on my sculpey so iI got some airbrush medium and I'll see if I can get better results with gouache. I've also got to experiment with how the airbrushing looks and reacts to marker paper. I got illustration board though, just in case, and because I like it! I bought bigger boards because the smaller sizes were out of stock, and then spent 20 minutes cutting them down to my sizes. Then the shipment came today with the sizes I wanted. Woof. Next time I'll get the full sized sheets and cut anyways, since its $1 cheaper.

SO anyways, ya, Daqueran was featured as one of the top 20 webcomics in the Estonian For Him Magazine (fhm). Thats pretty exciting! Kitty scanned the article! Check it out :D we translated it sort of, online and it seems like just a little synopsis, but it put it at #18 for the top 20 webcomics. Thats pretty impressive :D The #1 spot is pretty dissapointing. Stick figures with no real humor except whats been rehashed. I'm happy Kitty was choosen at all, and #18 is pretty respectable too, but still, stick figure comics being #1? c'mon! lets get some artists in the #1 spot sometimes!

So tomorow is Conflagration day! I plan to spend the entire day working on Conflagration and getting SOMETHING accomplished. I find it really difficult to work on it most days, because I need full concentration on it, and I'm never alone, so tomorow being my day off alone, it is a good plan to dedicate! So I hope to post something soon. Would anyone be interested in a trailer Animatic? of should I just wait and post the trailer? rough animation? anything? Feedback would be awesome! thanks :D

March 12, 2009


So, Tomorrow I'm getting an airbrush! Kitty and I are going to pay half each to get a delux set. Its got the Iwata Smart Jet compressor, Iwata Eclipse CS Airbrush and a ton of other goodies. I'm terribly excited to share all my info on Experimental Guru once i get the hang of it! Its going to make my maquette painting so much easier, and it will make painting models to sell at conventions really fun and awesome :D

March 07, 2009


Now playing on Winamp: Tracy Chapman - Cold Feet
via FoxyTunes WOO! so there was an Encaustics demo at Opus today, and I was so happy to be able to see it all! It was definitely inspiring and totally awesome! I'm going to be experimenting with this technique as soon as possible!
For those that don't know, Encaustics is painting with pigmented wax! it has an awesome depth and texture to it!

I've also found that I have developed a considerable bank of knowledge in regards to traditional art supplies in my head. As a result I've now started a separate blog for the purpose of sharing that information. its called Experimental Guru! I'd love if you followed it. I'll not only be adding all my product knowledge in the form of reviews, but also tutorials, general technical information, studio safety information, and other tidbits of information. I'll also be making sure to properly tag and organize the blogs so that you can easily browse and search.

If you have tutorials please leave a comment linking to them over on that blog so I can properly promote your tutorials and information as well! lots of stuff from the United states (and around the world for that matter) I dont know about or have access to, so if you have related information on specifics, I can add that to my list :D

I'm pretty excited!

My new oil painting is still too wet to apply my tape layer. I think I have at least another week to wait! HA! I should have done the base layer in acrylics so it would dry fast, but - live and learn.
My Hummingbird painting is finally dry enough to work on the next layer so I will be doing that this weekend I hope as well.
I've got 2 TruFax comics in the works right now, that I should be posting one of this weekend as well.

**New, Trufax #2 posted today!

March 02, 2009

Abstract and WIP

I completed an abstract painting a week or 2 ago, but its still as wet as the day I painted it in some places. I Photographed it anyways, since spring is coming and here that means the sun and cloud swap out all day.

I also Photographed another stage of WIP of my painting for Aunt Cathy. (seen here) I ran out of mineral spirits but it's starting to come together it seems. I'm quite fond of the Transparent Red Earth, and the Brown Pink Gamblin paints I got! They are exactly the colours I needed! thank goodness!

I was a little hesitant about painting an animal without an under drawing, but it seems to be turning out okay so far! I like the structure the bird has, and I like how hes looking in contrast to the BG so far. Nice! i ran out of mineral spirits right in the middle of my painting, and I couldn't stretch it anymore so I had to stop.

I'm doing some caricature portraits of some people at work that will be working their way into the mini comics I started. The Comics will be posted on Drunk Duck and you can always see the updates on the feed on this blog to the side. Hope you like them!

About Abstract

I'll admit, I always hated abstract. I never saw the point of it! i never thought it took much skill or had that much emotional basis, or any skill to do. Now that I've done some myself, I'm seeing things differently. It's art work based out of pure passion for art - the need to create. I find myself just eager to do it more and more. I don't have to worry about anatomy, or structure. I can take the knowledge I've gained and just let go. I can create compositions and arrays of colours without needing it to necessarily make sense. Actually it was 2 people who brought me out of my abstract shell - Limnides, & Ladydove7. Seeing their work made me see the passion in these types of work. Then I started going to galleries where they had so much abstract it blew my mind, and I actually started to understand and enjoy looking at them as well.

Anyways, so thats all for today. I haven't done anything interesting with Conflagration unfortuntely :(

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