March 07, 2009


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via FoxyTunes WOO! so there was an Encaustics demo at Opus today, and I was so happy to be able to see it all! It was definitely inspiring and totally awesome! I'm going to be experimenting with this technique as soon as possible!
For those that don't know, Encaustics is painting with pigmented wax! it has an awesome depth and texture to it!

I've also found that I have developed a considerable bank of knowledge in regards to traditional art supplies in my head. As a result I've now started a separate blog for the purpose of sharing that information. its called Experimental Guru! I'd love if you followed it. I'll not only be adding all my product knowledge in the form of reviews, but also tutorials, general technical information, studio safety information, and other tidbits of information. I'll also be making sure to properly tag and organize the blogs so that you can easily browse and search.

If you have tutorials please leave a comment linking to them over on that blog so I can properly promote your tutorials and information as well! lots of stuff from the United states (and around the world for that matter) I dont know about or have access to, so if you have related information on specifics, I can add that to my list :D

I'm pretty excited!

My new oil painting is still too wet to apply my tape layer. I think I have at least another week to wait! HA! I should have done the base layer in acrylics so it would dry fast, but - live and learn.
My Hummingbird painting is finally dry enough to work on the next layer so I will be doing that this weekend I hope as well.
I've got 2 TruFax comics in the works right now, that I should be posting one of this weekend as well.

**New, Trufax #2 posted today!

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