April 27, 2011

Production Diary - Hello Albertosaurus photos

Well, I'm pretty fond of how crazy my thumbnailed pages are in my book for working on Hello, Albertosaurus so I thought I'd share with you the crazies that is my notebook for H,A.

OH, Next week after I colour my page on Live stream, I'm going to make a tutorial on how I make my print files for print and web for the comics, so if anyone else is looking to publish comics it might be a good thing to check out :)

April 18, 2011

New Hello Albertosaurus Page


its a bit of a milestone - its page 10, but because I didn't put the Splash page online as a page its only page 9 on the web. Boo hoo :p Enjoy. (OMFG DIALOGUE?!)

Page 10 Live stream

Page 10 Of Hello, Albertosaurus I coloured live on Livestream just now. Check out the Video if you want. You can watch me make a mess with my Copic Airbrush. Gosh there were some scary moments in there :|

Watch live streaming video from guruubii at livestream.com

April 13, 2011

"'You draw pretty pictures all day. How hard can it be?"

This is an important thing for anyone to read. Not only does it apply to artists (I too have gotten this comment from people and not only is it offensive and ignorant but it's HURTFUL). So please go read it, and think about what you're saying before you open your mouth ;)

ShadowScript - The Art Blog of Angela Sasser: In Defense of Pretty Pictures: "So lately I've been seeing a lot of this particular statement: 'You draw pretty pictures all day. How hard can it be? That's not a re..."

April 12, 2011

Victors Moustache

This is my character Victor from my Conflagration Comic. I've decided that he needs a moustache. I've been going through my characters and tweaking them, and trying to make them more believable, and also more drawable for the comic etc. I thought since Victor is a bit of a baby face, he would want to age his face a little and the way men do that is with a moustache, I'm assuming. But I wanted his moustache to still fit his happy go lucky, sarcastic, slightly clumbsy and snarky but sometimes DEAD SERIOUS self and I thought this slightly curled puffstache was the one for him... so here he is in all his "I'm a big boy" glory - Victor and his moustache. This is how he will appear in the Conflagration chapter of the comic, but in the Embers comic he will be baby face :3

April 11, 2011

Drawing B.C.

So, I've posted Page 8 today (which is technically Page 9 because I didn't post the illustration page online) you can check it out here if you like. I really enjoyed colouring this page, but it got me thinking about how potentially monotonous my comic could become. B.C. is pretty renowned for its gorgeous scenery of tree's and mountains, and when you're driving through the rockies you can't look away from all the amazing, but once it comes down to illustrating a drive through the rockies, there is a real danger of being boring. hopefully I've avoided this fate so far in my comic (I hope you're reading it).

Every Monday from now on I'm going to colour the latest comic page live before its posted. It takes me around 2-5 hours each page to colour it, but I've been told its interesting to watch so, maybe you'll tune it. I'll try to download them after and post a fast motion version on Youtube as well.

Watch live streaming video from guruubii at livestream.com

SO I've got 3 more commissions to work on, and then if I have time before the staff meeting I'm going to sketch the next page, or work on some more character design tweaks for Conflagration. But first... a shower!!! :p

Some sketches, and an inked Comic page

So I thought I'd share a cluster of sketches from my sketchbook. Most of them are of my character, Bala, but there is one little sketch of jack and a caveman. I'm trying to tweak their designs a little bit to something I wont struggle to keep on model in the comics. I always design someone then after I draw them a few times some little trends in how I interpret them comes up so this is what usually happens. Balas face shape has been simplified a lot.
I am also trying to do something to Victor's (main character of conflagration) face. besides simplifying him for repeated drawing purposes, I'm also thinking that he needs a moustache, but its pretty clear I need to research more types of moustaches to find the one that doesn't make him look like one of the village people. LOL
They're not the best drawings, but for scribbles of moustaches, it was alright.
Okay, so now for the rest of the day, until I have to go to a staff meeting (on my DAY OFF FROM THAT JOB! hate!) I'm going to be colouring todays Hello, Albertosaurus comic page on Live stream so watch for it:! here is a preview:

April 05, 2011

Dino Riding commissions - 5 days left.

for a limited time I have opened commissions for Copic Sketch cards of you/your character riding a dinosaur of your choice.
YOU HAVE UNTIL APRIL 10th to Order them!

Fill out THIS ORDER FORM to order a dinosaur riding commission! After you submit it I will send a paypal request for money to the address you provide me. Once I receive your payment, I'll work on your Dinosaur!

Because they're sketch cards I can add a simple Background like the examples in this blog post: [link]
please note! Sketch cards are 2.5"x3.5" small! there is a limited amount of detail that can be obtained in this! you can specify shirt colour and pants colour, IF I can get that it.

Each sketch card will cost $10!

Payment is due before I even start your card, and you must pay before the 10th of April. Any payment received after the 10th will be refunded and I will not do it! 
Here are some examples of the sketch cards:

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