April 11, 2011

Some sketches, and an inked Comic page

So I thought I'd share a cluster of sketches from my sketchbook. Most of them are of my character, Bala, but there is one little sketch of jack and a caveman. I'm trying to tweak their designs a little bit to something I wont struggle to keep on model in the comics. I always design someone then after I draw them a few times some little trends in how I interpret them comes up so this is what usually happens. Balas face shape has been simplified a lot.
I am also trying to do something to Victor's (main character of conflagration) face. besides simplifying him for repeated drawing purposes, I'm also thinking that he needs a moustache, but its pretty clear I need to research more types of moustaches to find the one that doesn't make him look like one of the village people. LOL
They're not the best drawings, but for scribbles of moustaches, it was alright.
Okay, so now for the rest of the day, until I have to go to a staff meeting (on my DAY OFF FROM THAT JOB! hate!) I'm going to be colouring todays Hello, Albertosaurus comic page on Live stream so watch for it:! here is a preview:

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