April 12, 2011

Victors Moustache

This is my character Victor from my Conflagration Comic. I've decided that he needs a moustache. I've been going through my characters and tweaking them, and trying to make them more believable, and also more drawable for the comic etc. I thought since Victor is a bit of a baby face, he would want to age his face a little and the way men do that is with a moustache, I'm assuming. But I wanted his moustache to still fit his happy go lucky, sarcastic, slightly clumbsy and snarky but sometimes DEAD SERIOUS self and I thought this slightly curled puffstache was the one for him... so here he is in all his "I'm a big boy" glory - Victor and his moustache. This is how he will appear in the Conflagration chapter of the comic, but in the Embers comic he will be baby face :3

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