December 14, 2009

Conflagration Group on dA

Just a quick hello, letting you people know that if you are on deviantART there is now an official group for Conflagration #Conflagration-Film! Join it if you like, membership is open :)

December 10, 2009

Oil Paint Catalouge.

Well, Kitty and I often buy oil paint just because we can, and we want to but we never seem to know what we have, so I'm cataloguing them here! I'll put them in sections for brands, favourite being the top and not so gret paint brands at the bottom.

I have some not so great paint because sometimes not so great paint is sometimes excellent for encaustics or other things. so thats why I have... I'll put *'s beside by main colours, and # beside my favourite encaustic colours.

Its a long list but I barely use them all HAHA! The ones I use mainly are my 3 primary and white.
I like the other colours for random encaustics, and stuff since with encaustics I don't often mix, I use straight from the tube colours.  I'll also list my mediums and stuff as well!

Oh, as a side note, I don't use solvents at all ever. to clean my brushes I use Masters brush cleaner.

M.Graham & Co. Walnut Alkyd Medium
Gamblin ColdWax Medium

Cerulean Blue Hue: pw4,pb15:1 Semi transparent
# Transparent Earth Red: pr101, Transparent
# Brown Pink pr101,pr149, Transparent
Radiant blue: pr29,pw6, Opaque
Radiant Red: pr149,pw6, Opaque
Radiant Yellow: py83,pw6, Opaque
Radiant Violet: pv 23,pw6, opaque
Radiant Green: Sample size
Quinacridone violet: pv19, transparent
# Transparent earth orange: py42,pr101, transparent
# Transparent earth yellow: py42, transparent
*Hansa Yellow Medium: py74

Cinnabar Green: py43,53,128,pg36 Semi Opaque,
# Hydrangea blue: pb15, semi transparent

Winsor and Newton
Indigo:  pb15,pbk7,pb29 Transparent
* alizarin crimson: 1,2, pr83, Transparent
Naples Yellow: pw1,pw4,pbr24

# Cadmium Orange: po20,pr108 Opaque
# Paynes Grey:pbk11,pb29,
Cadmium Red Middle: pr108, Opaque
* Ultramarine Blue: pb29,
Azo Red Middle: pr188,pr170,pw4
* Titanium White: pw06, Opaque (Vehicle is safflower oil)
* Cadmium yellow Lemon: py35, opaque (I'll be switching to hansa yellow as my main colour when this is empty)

PBO XL (fast drying. matte colours)
Dioxazine purple: pv23, transparent
Raw umber:pbk7,pbr7, opaque
Titanium white: pw06, opaque
# Steel blue (x2): pb15, pb27,pbk7, semi opaque
English light green: pg7, pw6, py1,py65, semi opaque
Bright Green:pg7,py3, pw6, opaque
Crimson: pb3, semi opaque
Madder Carmine: pg8, pr5, pr12, Transparent
Green Earth: pg8, py3, pw6 semi opaque
Sap green: pg8 transparent
Yellow Ochre: py42, opaque
Cadmium yellow Deep imit.: po20,pw6,py65, semi transparent
Ultramarine Blue: pb29, Transparent
Cadmium yellow lemon imit.: pw6,py3, semi transparent
Cadmium red deep imit.:pr112,pr170, semi transparent
neutral grey: pbk7, pw6, opaque
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