August 12, 2011


I've decided I like participating in things. I used to be so aloof. Never participated in things, never went to groups or anything but now, I've been going to cloudscape every week, and I've Submitted (and been accepted) to a beastiary with cloudscape too! It's been great fun!
Now I've got to motor on my Ghost Tales submission! AHHH!

August 04, 2011

Lots of projects

I've been taking on a lot of projects lately. We've been trying to come up with more merchandise for conventions and the shop as well.
I've started an intermitted blog only web comic called bad kitties. No set schedule on that one, its just cute blog content. I've also started a dinosaur calendar that should hopefully be available in september at vcon, but that would be pretty miraculous. If nothing else it will be in the shop.
We've got 3 conventions sceduled and paid for one in august, one in september and one in november. So we're keeping very busy!
Only a few days left to submit to ghost tales and we're still accepting calgary donations!

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