September 11, 2012

September 09, 2012

Conventions and stuff

Today: Vancouver comic con
Sept 28-30: VCON
Sept 29: Emily con
Oct 6-7: mega comic con
Nov 4: Vancouver comic con
Nov 17: canzine
Busy busy! This year we've been going to every convention we could, even if it was a long shot. Why? Research. We want to get an idea of where our work sells best, and where it doesn't sell any all. You can't assume anything in a world like this.
So far its been an extremely worthwhile experiment! We've had enough surprises that we've thrown out all our assumptions.
By the end of the year we will have been to more come than I can even recall, but we are going to compile our data and see where our time and money is best spent on next years convention schedule!
I've also made some pretty awesome connections in the  convention circuit as well. A pleasant surprise :)

May 12, 2012

Pehny with Pearls

I did a drawing! OMG. I know. I've done nothing but comics for so long, I almost forgot what it was like to just sit and draw for the sake of drawing.
I thought I'd post the instagrams all in one place just to show the progress.
ink 2

skin and hair and bodice
base colours done.


You can buy prints of this on our website!

March 05, 2012


Working on feet and legs. I feel like it's a weakness of mine. Here's what I did today.

March 04, 2012


I don't post much here anymore. Ill try to do better. Been doing so much comic work, and I generally post those on our facebook page. Anyway, I've got some art plans and a phone with a good camera and a blogger app so I'm GOLD!
Here's a little sketch I might turn into a big art later. 

The head in the bottom is not part of it, random doodle. Thumbnail page lol.
Any suggestions in thia early stage?

January 30, 2012

Temporarily open for commissions

I am temporarily opening up commissions to raise funds to pay for Convention Tables and for ordering Product. It's not cheap to go to Conventions, but we really do need to exposure of being out there to push our comics! ACK, so we need a fair amount of money to stock up on our comics to make us able to even break even at the conventions, particularly Calgary Expo.

So for a limited time, full art commissions. Here is what I am offering.
I will only take 5 orders at a time. It's first PAID first served.
I'll start with Sketched portrait drawings, and anything else will be an add on from there.

Sketch Card: 10$ (no add on's. this is a stand alone commission)

Sketched Portrait: $25

  • ADD inked - +$15
  • ADD colour - +$30
  • ADD Full body - +$20
  • ADD abstract Background - +$10

So, this means if you want an inked portrait in colour, it costs $70
Please note, It HAS to be inked, to be coloured! Please take that into account
To order, just fill out the form below. if It doesn't display or you have problems, go here.

Thank you! <3

January 03, 2012

Copic Blog

A while back Copic approached me about doing a Guest Tutorial for their blog! I was so excited and delighted of course I did it! SO here it is for you to enjoy and the art! (Blog restructure is still happening, I just got sidelined with dental issues)

Guest Tutorial – Airbrushing Comics by Marker Guru

Leaellynasaura - copic blog by `guruubii on deviantART
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