January 30, 2012

Temporarily open for commissions

I am temporarily opening up commissions to raise funds to pay for Convention Tables and for ordering Product. It's not cheap to go to Conventions, but we really do need to exposure of being out there to push our comics! ACK, so we need a fair amount of money to stock up on our comics to make us able to even break even at the conventions, particularly Calgary Expo.

So for a limited time, full art commissions. Here is what I am offering.
I will only take 5 orders at a time. It's first PAID first served.
I'll start with Sketched portrait drawings, and anything else will be an add on from there.

Sketch Card: 10$ (no add on's. this is a stand alone commission)

Sketched Portrait: $25

  • ADD inked - +$15
  • ADD colour - +$30
  • ADD Full body - +$20
  • ADD abstract Background - +$10

So, this means if you want an inked portrait in colour, it costs $70
Please note, It HAS to be inked, to be coloured! Please take that into account
To order, just fill out the form below. if It doesn't display or you have problems, go here.

Thank you! <3

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