March 19, 2010

Unicorn Final stages

I finally finished the Unicorn! I've already got the sketch for my next sculpt too HAHA!
Here she is with 3 coats of white paint. and one of a close up of the frisket over her Jade eyes so they dont get painted over. 

And here she is complete:

Heres a little close up of the moss.
This base is probably temporary; I want to cover it with real moss and stuff.

9"h x 6.5"l x 4"w
Made of Super Sculpey
Jade eyes
Painted with Airbrush and Acrylic Paint.
I'm Quite pleased! Quite.

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March 18, 2010

Unicorn Sculpture: It's in the Oven!

Right at this very moment the Unicorn is baking in the oven.
 I hope it's okay... Baking is always nerve racking. It gets soft before it get's heard and I'm always worried about the stability of my stuff.

I get ahead of myself. Here are some more photos of it before baking. 2 slightly different angles of the next stage: Tail nearly complete. base is all set up. I decided to stick with the sculpey base as I was able to sculpt her right onto it and make her more stable.
all my crummy encaustics in the background and my dirty palettes. definitely have some artists living here! HAHA!!

Then here it is right before going into the Oven:
The horn is a different colour because its made from sculpey bake and bend. I hope it works. I added it to keep her horn a little bit flexible because it's the one thing that never fails; the horn always breaks. hopefully by giving it a little bit of flexibility I can save myself some grief.

I just checked on it in the oven and broke the little vine off the front of it, ROFL! I can glue that back on.

When I'm done baking it I'm going to paint it with my airbrush and some schminke pastels for some highlight colours and top coat it. 
I know what I want to do with the base, but I don't know if I will ever get it done. I want to glue real moss and some little decorations on the base. we shall see.

well, I'm slow baking it at 225 degrees for several hours because I hear tell its a stronger sculpture, and less chance of cracking that way. Hope it works.

Approximate dimensions:
8"x8" (without the base)
I'll do some real measurements once it's baked.

Wish me luck!

March 17, 2010

Unicorn Sculpture in progress 1

Working on a sculpture of the Unicorn from Kittys Daqueran Comic lately, and its coming along nicely. I think I built a Nice sturdy armature this time.

Heres the unicorn: She's based off the more traditional Deer like Unicorns and she glows.

I decided I'm going to post in progress photos of this one, unfortunately I decided this a little late for showing off the Armature, but here is what I have so far.

Stage 1
 just covered the armature really, not much fleshing out done 

Stage 2
Fleshed out, added Eye balls (jade beads). starting working on the hips, and the shoulders quite a bit. the heads was mostly done

Stage 3 is not TOO much different from 2, but I redid the back leg, and fixed some of the issues with the neck. Did a bit more refining on the face.

I'll be replacing the base eventually. I don't like it being made of Sculpey too much. I will probably make it out of Celluclay and Attach real stuff to it, like moss and stuff.

stay tuned for more as it progresses :)

March 16, 2010

Up Coming Free Demo's

Airbrush Mixed Media
Wednesday March 17th 2-3pm
Opus Framing and Art
120 Lonsdale Avenue 
North Vancouver

I will be doing an airbrush demo demonstrating the techniques and tools used to create my piece "Noplan".
 I will be focusing on Airbrush Techniques.

Wednesday April 21st 2-2pm

Opus Framing and Art
120 Lonsdale Avenue 
North Vancouver

I will be demonstrating techniques for using Super Sculpey. I will cover creating an armature, baking, tools and techniques. I will briefly discuss painting sculptures as well.

These Demo's are always free to attend, and there are many more that come up often, some by more famous people as well! check for more!

March 14, 2010

Airbrush Paint reviews and info

So last week I was working on a Sculpture of my Abade to have as a display when I do a Sculpey Demo in April, and then she fell from the table and was pulverized. She got even more destroyed when I tried to repair her.
So Now I'm going to use her Dishevelled remains to test painting scupley, and top coats etc.

Abade Sculpture by `guruubii on deviantART

So I've also been changing up my airbrush paint so here are some reviews of Airbrush paint I've used:

Golden Airbrush paint sucks... It claims to be useful for paper and illustration but I did light coats and it seemed like it was just way too watery. It seemed like it took too many layers to get even a moderate colour covereage, even of the opaque colours! I do not recommend it even for paper.

Com*art and Medea is what came with my airbrush. It's good. I wouldn't rave about it, but for what Golden should have been able to do, these ones actually do it.

Createx is a great one. I find I have to thin it a little since its quite thick, but I painted Metal with it and its a dream. They also have decent mediums, top coats and stuff. Recommended for painting with sculpture and metal!

Now, Having said all that, I don't think I'll be using any of those much any more with the exception of Createx for some things because I discovered something far better to all of them.

Golden Fluid Acrylics + Golden Airbrush Medium = WIN

Right now Golden has a promo going on that is if you by 6 1oz or 3 4oz bottles of Golden Fluid Acrylics you get a 4oz bottle of Titanium White for free.
 I got mine! got to any Opus Framing Location in B.C., they're participating and also have the Fluids on sale for the month of March. The Price is definitely right! (Friends of mine, I can pick up some for you if you cant get to an Opus, Let me know!)

Okay so this Golden Airbrush Medium is mixed with the Fluid acrylics in a 1:1 Ratio. and I've put them in mixing bottles.

That website I just linked is a great resource with 2 videos on how to use the Fluid Acrylics for airbrush!

I really love this fluid acrylics! I never liked painting with acrylics because it was difficult to get a thin even coverage coat without brush strokes or that sort of globby look, and as mentioned I had trouble with the other paints applying to sculpture before. These are beautiful!

I'm doing a demo on March 17th 2-3pm at Opus framing and Art 120 lonsdale ave in North vancouver on my painting technique for my previous airbrush painting

Noplan by `guruubii on deviantART

and I'll be going over my tools and the techniques. I've been preparing some samples :)
see my work station:

There are 3 panels there, the green one being worked on is drying from gold leafing :)
In the picture:
on the box is my airbrush matte topcoat, the box for my airbrush, Opus acrylic polymer medium, a couple of my mix bottles of colour, airbrush cleaner, and my table cleaning station with my airbrush shoved in it. there are also 2 pieces of broken Sculpey wing and a frisket film cut out.
beside the box is a bag with the bits of my Abade sculpture in it XD
on the board I was painting on is my heat gun (my best friend), the green painting has gold leaf on it, and beside that is a package of gold leaf (imitation), up against the back is the 2 other paintings I had going.
all for my demo.

Hope that was interesting to you airbrushers :>
I might try to do an online or video demo of my techniques in the future if there is any interest for it.
Next month I will be doing a Sculpey Demo as well, so stay tuned for some sculpey information soon :)

March 06, 2010

Tik Film

I've been working on a comedy short film for Daqueran for a while now, and I realized very quickly that the deadline was pretty ambitious.

No matter, I thought I could do it, but it seems like this production is rather cursed. First to start off everything went well. we had a competition to get a good voice actor and what we got was awesome and I was cruising along but then boom, my eye gets damaged and I'm half blind. I still plugged away at it, but it definitely slowed me down. that healed and my wrist craps out (admittedly this is really my fault. I had a very awkward set up and push myself very hard), then as soon as the wrist heals with the help of a new brace and a gel wrist rest for my tablet and keyboard; we had an unfortunate cat death. aside from the de-motivational powers of trauma, it also took several days of work away. Now to catch up I scheduled today off work to get some hardcore work done, and boom.. I'm taken out with a horrible head cold. I'm trying my best but my hands are just unsteady, and very weak. I have 0 energy and I'm tired as hell...


on top of that, I've put a call out for clean up animators to help me each week, and no one will do it. Its an odd contrast to people asking me for stuff to do all the time before, and me not having anything for them Ha!

well, I'll keep trying.
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