March 06, 2010

Tik Film

I've been working on a comedy short film for Daqueran for a while now, and I realized very quickly that the deadline was pretty ambitious.

No matter, I thought I could do it, but it seems like this production is rather cursed. First to start off everything went well. we had a competition to get a good voice actor and what we got was awesome and I was cruising along but then boom, my eye gets damaged and I'm half blind. I still plugged away at it, but it definitely slowed me down. that healed and my wrist craps out (admittedly this is really my fault. I had a very awkward set up and push myself very hard), then as soon as the wrist heals with the help of a new brace and a gel wrist rest for my tablet and keyboard; we had an unfortunate cat death. aside from the de-motivational powers of trauma, it also took several days of work away. Now to catch up I scheduled today off work to get some hardcore work done, and boom.. I'm taken out with a horrible head cold. I'm trying my best but my hands are just unsteady, and very weak. I have 0 energy and I'm tired as hell...


on top of that, I've put a call out for clean up animators to help me each week, and no one will do it. Its an odd contrast to people asking me for stuff to do all the time before, and me not having anything for them Ha!

well, I'll keep trying.

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