March 17, 2010

Unicorn Sculpture in progress 1

Working on a sculpture of the Unicorn from Kittys Daqueran Comic lately, and its coming along nicely. I think I built a Nice sturdy armature this time.

Heres the unicorn: She's based off the more traditional Deer like Unicorns and she glows.

I decided I'm going to post in progress photos of this one, unfortunately I decided this a little late for showing off the Armature, but here is what I have so far.

Stage 1
 just covered the armature really, not much fleshing out done 

Stage 2
Fleshed out, added Eye balls (jade beads). starting working on the hips, and the shoulders quite a bit. the heads was mostly done

Stage 3 is not TOO much different from 2, but I redid the back leg, and fixed some of the issues with the neck. Did a bit more refining on the face.

I'll be replacing the base eventually. I don't like it being made of Sculpey too much. I will probably make it out of Celluclay and Attach real stuff to it, like moss and stuff.

stay tuned for more as it progresses :)

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