March 18, 2010

Unicorn Sculpture: It's in the Oven!

Right at this very moment the Unicorn is baking in the oven.
 I hope it's okay... Baking is always nerve racking. It gets soft before it get's heard and I'm always worried about the stability of my stuff.

I get ahead of myself. Here are some more photos of it before baking. 2 slightly different angles of the next stage: Tail nearly complete. base is all set up. I decided to stick with the sculpey base as I was able to sculpt her right onto it and make her more stable.
all my crummy encaustics in the background and my dirty palettes. definitely have some artists living here! HAHA!!

Then here it is right before going into the Oven:
The horn is a different colour because its made from sculpey bake and bend. I hope it works. I added it to keep her horn a little bit flexible because it's the one thing that never fails; the horn always breaks. hopefully by giving it a little bit of flexibility I can save myself some grief.

I just checked on it in the oven and broke the little vine off the front of it, ROFL! I can glue that back on.

When I'm done baking it I'm going to paint it with my airbrush and some schminke pastels for some highlight colours and top coat it. 
I know what I want to do with the base, but I don't know if I will ever get it done. I want to glue real moss and some little decorations on the base. we shall see.

well, I'm slow baking it at 225 degrees for several hours because I hear tell its a stronger sculpture, and less chance of cracking that way. Hope it works.

Approximate dimensions:
8"x8" (without the base)
I'll do some real measurements once it's baked.

Wish me luck!

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