June 11, 2011

Daily Deviation

HEY! I got A DD today!
Albertosaurus Page 9

Thanks to Damaged927 and kangel for that!
Heres some info on the comic:
Hello, Albertosaurus is a Comic memoir of a trip myself, Kitty, and our dad took to Alberta to visit Dinosaur National Park and the Famous Drumheller Royal Tyrell Museum. The comic will be a full colour from cover-to-cover graphic novel. It will be coloured traditionally with Markers and will be a 6"x6" square comic. It will be available to purchase in the shop and at conventions when it's complete.

The first chapter is available to read online here at dA as well as other places (see links in description of the DD - too lazy to dig) and the rest will be print only :)

Thanks so much!

OOPS... gunna be late for work, LMAO!
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