January 21, 2010

toon boom storyboard.

So, I've been  battling with Toon boom Storyboard since the days received it. 2 weeks with tech support as they Scratch their heads about my two second brush lag and I'm now done! I've emailed them and asked for a refund but I seriously doubt they will give me one. I might be stuck with this Piece of shit. If I do manage to get a refund I cant decide if I want to get another program, or just suck it up and use flash for it. I don't know if it's worth it to buy another program. I haven't found a storyboard program other than toon boom that is geared towards animators.
Man that company needs some serious competition so they are forced to get their act together.

January 19, 2010

animation??! repetitive? no wai!

Having a discussion with Kitty today, we were talking about our art lives. Back in the day I took a comic production course at Vancouver Film School thinking that it was going to be my career. Now I really can't stand doing comics... That's not entirely true. I like doing them sometimes for fun, and in general I like storyboarding as well. Then Kitty mentioned that animation was Tedious! I'm like! whatever!!! its so not!

There is a general misconception that Classical animation is like "drawing the same picture tons of times only a little different." Anyone who's done animation knows better, but it's interesting you know? how people perceive things. Every type of person has a set of thoughts about stuff they don't know much about. In our minds we make stuff up to fill in blanks. I think that's pretty interesting.

It's not at all like drawing the same picture over and over because you don't draw one picture completely each time. you don't draw frame by frame. You draw the movement. You take a sequence between 2 keyframes and you add frames, directly between each pair of drawings completing the motion.
 Example: if you have 5 frames. you draw 1 and 5, then you draw 3, then you draw 2, and 4. all the while adding these frames you tighten up the other drawings as you go along. in the end it feels like you've done one image, but it's just a multi page image...

Does that make sense?

I don't think I've ever felt that animation is a repetitive process. Maybe it's one of those things you have to do to understand. I think I'd die if animation was as repetitive as it's stereotyped as being HA! I can't stand repetitive art tasks.

anyway, that's my thoughts.

January 05, 2010


Just a Pre reminder!!! in march (most likely the 20th!) my work Opus will be doing a Staff art show, and i plan on exhibiting quite a bit of work! we will each have a 5 foot wide by 8 foot tall section to put art in, and I'm going to have my animations playing as well as some production art, and some of my work will be for sale. I'd love to see a good turn out so you all have plenty of warning to get your buts there in march! mark it down!
It will be in the evening!

More information as it develops :)


Go ahead, LAUGH!

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