January 21, 2010

toon boom storyboard.

So, I've been  battling with Toon boom Storyboard since the days received it. 2 weeks with tech support as they Scratch their heads about my two second brush lag and I'm now done! I've emailed them and asked for a refund but I seriously doubt they will give me one. I might be stuck with this Piece of shit. If I do manage to get a refund I cant decide if I want to get another program, or just suck it up and use flash for it. I don't know if it's worth it to buy another program. I haven't found a storyboard program other than toon boom that is geared towards animators.
Man that company needs some serious competition so they are forced to get their act together.


  1. I dont get it Jayleen!
    I've been using Storyboard for a while now and its working great, what's the problem ??

  2. There is a 2 second lag on the brush strokes showing up.
    I have all the system requirements and then some, and their tech support has been running me around in circles.

  3. Hummm... this is strange. I dont have a too notch computer (3 years old machine) and I dont see brush lag when drawing at all.

    I know some artists at the office got their graphic cards replaced because it was causing trouble.

    This is sad for you because its really the standard application now here in LA! and I must say I'm really enjoying it. We did retake recently for a previous show on paper and I was trying to undo a stroke :)

  4. It's very sad because Toon Boom storyboard Pro ran on my laptop with almost the same graphics card, but my new computer it top notch and only 3 weeks I've had it, and still this problem the tech support cannot solve.
    I've become quite used to working in the program and i used to love it.

    I still think the program is incredibly bloated since the files are huge, and its so heavy, then i go into Toon boom storyboard and the files become small (seems backwards to me) but I still would love to use it again. It's really the best storyboarding program out there, if they made it a bit lighter.

    IF they wont give me my money back at least I can import frames so, If I'm stuck with it I can do that,


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