December 21, 2010

Gurukitty Studios: First Day of Winter Contest

Gurukitty Studios: First Day of Winter Contest: "It's the first day of winter! We wanted to celebrate our favorite season with a fun contest. Before we begin, let me taunt you with the priz..."

December 13, 2010

Life Drawing Models Needed


Opus North Vancouver is looking to hire Life drawing models of all genders, shapes and sizes for un-instructed life drawing sessions to be held in 2011.

Clothed and nude models are needed, as well as props and well behaved pets.


The sessions are not instructed so the model would be self directed regarding pose lengths, props, etc. Models would be expected to provide artists with a nice variety of poses and pose lengths (we do have a pre-made schedule if you aren’t comfortable with that).

We would like the classes to be about 3-4 hours long each, and we are looking for weekend and weekday models.


We are offering 20$ per hour and we like to book our models a couple months in advance, if possible. 

If you have any questions or need more information please call:
604-904-0447 ext:2110

To speak to the Store Manager Ann, or the Coordinator Jeri 

You can also e-mail your portfolio/resume and cover letter to:

Ann Mountney
Store Manager

CC to:

penelope in winter - markers

Hey! Phew, I finally finished this one at last. It took a little while, and was a little nerve racking with the red over top of such a light background since red is such a strong colour, a little smudge would pretty much be permanent. LOL.
I did the background first with a series of Cool Greys, layering in all the trees and snow, then I took a colourless blender and dotted the while bg, to give that dense snowy look (I showed this technique before), then coloured Penelope, that way I didn't have to worry about accidentally dragging red out into the bg when I tried to colour it. I then couldn't decide on the birds colour, so I scanned it once Penelope was nearly done, and then coloured the little bird roughly a few different colours:
Seeing which bird would look the best!

It was pretty clear to me after seeing this that the red bird would be best. it complimented her dress well, and still stood out!
So, then I finished colouring it, and then I put copper leaf on a few of the beads in her hair, and on the birds longest tail feather. The original looks way way way better than online, partially because of the copper leaf looking so special in real life,but also the yellows didn't scan well, so the warm light casting on the snow between the trees just kind of... died...

Anyway, thought I'd share my little drawing!
(crosspost from markerguru)

December 12, 2010

Penelope - wip

Here is a little work in progress of the sketch I posted before.

RED IS HARD! it doesn't erase, and I have a SOMEWHAT limited pile of reds in my Copic arsenal, so I'm jumping all over the reds finding sets to blend with. I think this is going well though. Got sort of a watercoloury look right now.

I did the bg first this time, because knowing there was going to be reds in the foreground I never wanted to risk smudging it out, cuz it never goes away. also I wanted to be a little sloppy, and just erase the greys on the areas I wanted to keep clean anyway.

I like it so far, I hope you do too. Going to try to finish it tomorrow.

December 06, 2010

Copic Classes

In early 2011 I will be starting Online Copic marker classes on the CDAC. I will strive to make them universally applicable to all purposes not just illustration or crafting. They will be entertaining, stimulating and informative, and I think they're a pretty unique angle for markers.
For the most part classes will be affordable, 1 month long, have at least 1 assignment, free digital images, and a give away at the end of the class. you will receive a completion badge for your blog or website as well.

if you think you'll be interested in the classes please feel free to fill out this short form to be informed when enrolment begins.
You will not be emailed for anything but Copic classes hosted by myself.

Please help me by spreading the word to your friends for me, I'd really appreciate it!
I'll be cross posting this to all my blogs, so I apologize if anyone watches more than one blog, you'll be bombarded. 

December 01, 2010

Body worlds, paper etc

So, I am posting pictures of naked women.. and by naked I mean, skinless, dissected, bisected and posed.
So I did a few sketches at body worlds but by the time I had warmed up they were closing soon, so I only got a couple decent sketches.  Please keep in mind, all the models were plasticized and manipulated to show the muscle structure or internal organs, and if nothing else, they were all skinless -only bone, muscle, sinew and nerves etc. so they're not accurate to surface anatomy for the most part.
This was one called Angel, because they had her back opened up like wings. I didn't draw the "wings" but it does account for the lack of filling out of her back in the sketch.
This is one angle of the female ice skater figure. her body was wonderfully twisted. this was my favourite one.
2 more angles of the female ice skater.

yesterday my special order came in at Opus for a ream of Xpress It blending card. It's magnificent paper for copic markers. Not that I don't like my aquabee paper still, but this stuff is something special!
By the way if you live close to an Opus location, the cost is close to icopics price, but no shipping if you pick up at the store. 

Anyways, I was thrilled to receive it!
Okay, got lesson plans to write!
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