December 01, 2010

Body worlds, paper etc

So, I am posting pictures of naked women.. and by naked I mean, skinless, dissected, bisected and posed.
So I did a few sketches at body worlds but by the time I had warmed up they were closing soon, so I only got a couple decent sketches.  Please keep in mind, all the models were plasticized and manipulated to show the muscle structure or internal organs, and if nothing else, they were all skinless -only bone, muscle, sinew and nerves etc. so they're not accurate to surface anatomy for the most part.
This was one called Angel, because they had her back opened up like wings. I didn't draw the "wings" but it does account for the lack of filling out of her back in the sketch.
This is one angle of the female ice skater figure. her body was wonderfully twisted. this was my favourite one.
2 more angles of the female ice skater.

yesterday my special order came in at Opus for a ream of Xpress It blending card. It's magnificent paper for copic markers. Not that I don't like my aquabee paper still, but this stuff is something special!
By the way if you live close to an Opus location, the cost is close to icopics price, but no shipping if you pick up at the store. 

Anyways, I was thrilled to receive it!
Okay, got lesson plans to write!

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