March 20, 2009

Daqueran in FHM

I'd like to say Ive been creating up a storm, but I haven't. I've been mostly experimenting with my new toys. I spent a ton of money getting the supplies I need to get my encaustics going, and finally tried to do it, except the hot plate I had didnt get hot enough to keep the wax molten, so I'm on another quest to get more stuff.
I need:
  • A hot plate that will get to 200ÂșC
  • Resin (it's on hold at opus, forgot to buy it)
  • Mortar and pestle (To grind resin)
So, that's not too bad. I got a decent old timey scale for weighing my ingredients, and some metal bowls to make my hot palette and tons and tons of wax!

We've also been experimenting with the airbrush a little. I wasn't too happy with how this paint behaved on my sculpey so iI got some airbrush medium and I'll see if I can get better results with gouache. I've also got to experiment with how the airbrushing looks and reacts to marker paper. I got illustration board though, just in case, and because I like it! I bought bigger boards because the smaller sizes were out of stock, and then spent 20 minutes cutting them down to my sizes. Then the shipment came today with the sizes I wanted. Woof. Next time I'll get the full sized sheets and cut anyways, since its $1 cheaper.

SO anyways, ya, Daqueran was featured as one of the top 20 webcomics in the Estonian For Him Magazine (fhm). Thats pretty exciting! Kitty scanned the article! Check it out :D we translated it sort of, online and it seems like just a little synopsis, but it put it at #18 for the top 20 webcomics. Thats pretty impressive :D The #1 spot is pretty dissapointing. Stick figures with no real humor except whats been rehashed. I'm happy Kitty was choosen at all, and #18 is pretty respectable too, but still, stick figure comics being #1? c'mon! lets get some artists in the #1 spot sometimes!

So tomorow is Conflagration day! I plan to spend the entire day working on Conflagration and getting SOMETHING accomplished. I find it really difficult to work on it most days, because I need full concentration on it, and I'm never alone, so tomorow being my day off alone, it is a good plan to dedicate! So I hope to post something soon. Would anyone be interested in a trailer Animatic? of should I just wait and post the trailer? rough animation? anything? Feedback would be awesome! thanks :D

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