March 02, 2009

Abstract and WIP

I completed an abstract painting a week or 2 ago, but its still as wet as the day I painted it in some places. I Photographed it anyways, since spring is coming and here that means the sun and cloud swap out all day.

I also Photographed another stage of WIP of my painting for Aunt Cathy. (seen here) I ran out of mineral spirits but it's starting to come together it seems. I'm quite fond of the Transparent Red Earth, and the Brown Pink Gamblin paints I got! They are exactly the colours I needed! thank goodness!

I was a little hesitant about painting an animal without an under drawing, but it seems to be turning out okay so far! I like the structure the bird has, and I like how hes looking in contrast to the BG so far. Nice! i ran out of mineral spirits right in the middle of my painting, and I couldn't stretch it anymore so I had to stop.

I'm doing some caricature portraits of some people at work that will be working their way into the mini comics I started. The Comics will be posted on Drunk Duck and you can always see the updates on the feed on this blog to the side. Hope you like them!

About Abstract

I'll admit, I always hated abstract. I never saw the point of it! i never thought it took much skill or had that much emotional basis, or any skill to do. Now that I've done some myself, I'm seeing things differently. It's art work based out of pure passion for art - the need to create. I find myself just eager to do it more and more. I don't have to worry about anatomy, or structure. I can take the knowledge I've gained and just let go. I can create compositions and arrays of colours without needing it to necessarily make sense. Actually it was 2 people who brought me out of my abstract shell - Limnides, & Ladydove7. Seeing their work made me see the passion in these types of work. Then I started going to galleries where they had so much abstract it blew my mind, and I actually started to understand and enjoy looking at them as well.

Anyways, so thats all for today. I haven't done anything interesting with Conflagration unfortuntely :(

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