February 24, 2009

New painting

I did a new oil painting last night. It looks all right I think. It's got some pretty heavy layers of wax and paint so It will be a while before its dry enough to take out and photograph, and it will never be scannable.
I've noticed a trend when I pick up a panel to do an abstract, I tend to lean towards Greens or Purples. I wonder why that is? It's not really something I see mirrored in all my work, just in abstract.

I wonder who else has little quirky things like that? Do share :D


  1. It's weird..I always lean towards greens and blues with my abstract stuff...and it always ends up bending towards funky veiled or melting women XD My abstract mind is odd.

    I really do want to play with oils though. I ran away screaming the first time I tried them.

  2. Oils are a strange beast XD

    MY recommendations are: don't use turpentine, use Odourless Mineral Spirits (Gamsol, or Stevensons if you can get it). then you avoid that horrid stink that comes with the painting (but still work well ventilated).

    I love greens! i have such fantastic greens I cant help but use them HAHA!

    something about the deep richness of purple and blue always draws me in though!



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