February 08, 2009

Planning for 2009

I know 2009 Is already in full gear (Feb already!) but Tax season is also in full gear! I'm compiling all my expenses and income and making spread sheets to claim all my art expenses.
My friend Leah has been helping me out with getting started. I can claim all my art relatd expenses so long as my income increases (art) for the next 5 years. If I dont, I cant keep claiming LOL! So this is incentive to keep my art income increasing!
 Like I mentioned in my last post, I am planning on conventions and galleries. This will also mean paying for memberships to places like the North Vancouver Arts Council, and other artists organizations. I'm going to respond to "calls for artists" and show as much as possible. This includes having art in the Annonymous art show Every year as well.
 I'm understandably excited and motivated by this :)

I've got an 8x24 cradled panel I gessoed the other day. it's going to be a painting for my aunt for next Christmas. I'm painting a humming bird in Oil. Should be neat :)
I hope.
My mums paying for it ;) She'd never pay ful price so I better find out what she WILL pay LOL

Right now I'm working on a sculpture of Tik, that is getting bigger and bigger than I planned haha! I'm hoping to make a mold and cast some copies to sell at some conventions.
we shall see :)


  1. So if you hit a professional stride with your art and your income levels off, can you still keep claiming? I guess it would be dependent on whether it became your primary source of income, or a minor blip of money compared to a day job?

  2. So long as you are gaining I think you can keep claiming, for 5 years at least. after that if it doesn't become your main income then I think your fucked XD
    after that it becomes "Self employment" and you keep claiming :) the 5 years is like your Grace period for becoming self employed I think.


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