February 12, 2009

More Fire

So I've been playing around with fire a little more. I am tinkering with the idea of not adding effects to the fire animation at all, and getting the desired effects by lighting the scene and characters accordingly. We'll see how easy it is to do batch processing of my animation. If it processes well and easily then well, that would be great, I could add lots .
So ya, here are some of my colour sketches I did in my Claire Fontaine Sketchbook today. Its got really nice soft paper, but I do find I enjoy a little tooth more in my sketch books. Monday I'll hopefully get an animation test done for the Fire. Probably use those torch poses and animate that. I'd like to see if I can have something to show for all this obsessing. Maria said she liked my fire today, and described it as 'leafy' in a good way! I liked that.

I'm getting some Pilot G-Tec pens (yellow, orange, and red) tomorrow as well, so I'll be doing some ink sketches of fire as well. the pens aren't waterproof so i like to add some water and get some nice effects from those pens . I'm also buying some discontinued animation paper reinforcements (slot peg holes) since they're only $5 for a box of 500, its not something I can turn away from.

Well, So I hope I come up with more than doodles soon.


  1. FIRE D: I wanna see it anermated!

  2. I've played with those pens before uber fun!!! I wanna see it animated too :P

  3. Animation coming :D

    The pens are cool :D I spend so much time trying to find marker proof pens and stuff, that i forget how fun pens and water can be XD


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