February 09, 2009

After Effects

Having so many friends who use Adobe After Effects, and use them with 2d animation I am shocked at how difficult it is to get any help. Not even any tips or ideas from anyone. Its incredibly frustrating. I just want to know how people import and apply effects to animation. Is that such an extraordinary request? I share my techniques with people, I think its nice to help people.

Well, I'll tell you one thing - If I ever do figure this out, I'm making some video tutorials on it. There is a severe lack of help from anywhere. The tutorials from Adobe are useless. Lots of people say after effects is like photoshop, but its so far off the mark its not even funny.

Well, I've managed very little on my own, but I did manage something! Thats farther along than I was last week!

I set a simple BG behind it and applied a variety of Glow effects to the flame itself.

Candle Text, Click to view (embedd codes didn't work)

The flame was just a couple frames I drew with my mouse quickly so obviously the animation is sub-par but as far as attempting effects, its a demo.

One of my other concerns is exporting these scenes and retaining quality to reimport them into premiere for final composition. I'll need a new computer before this film is complete, with not only Gads of Ram but a decent sized hard drive and a good graphics card.

Well, I hope to make more progress soon!

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