February 07, 2009

First Posts are the hardest

Well, Here we go. First posts are always a little awkward :p

I'll summarize my intentions :)

Starting this year, I plan to really gear towards being "an artist" as opposed to being a freelancer with small jobs filling spare time.
This year I'm starting to keep better records of my expenses and claiming them, as well as making better receipts and tracking of commissions and freelance work.

I'm also planning on answering more calls for artists and getting my work in local galleries. Decembers Anonymous art show where I sold my painting was pretty awesome, I'd like to do more of that!

Kitty and I are also planning on attending any and all comic conventions we can this year to sell art work and the Daqueran comics. Very exciting!

I spent a few hours modifying a template to make this blog layout so I hope you like the look!

What to Expect here:

  • I'll be posting sketches and works in progress for Conflagration and other Projects
  • Posts about my achievements and trials of working on the projects
  • Status reports of the projects!
Should be a lot of fun I hope :D


  1. I love the blog design, it looks great!

    Looking forward to seeing how things go, and I agree with you. Having a separate place to track your progress is great motivation to keep going.

  2. It's wonderful to see you around these woods. Hayley encouraged me to take that step into blogging and it's been every bit of the motivational tool that I thought it would be. I hope it does the same for you. It will be fun and interesting to see how we all evolve^_^


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