February 21, 2009

Galkyd Foo'

So I was painting the first players of my painting for my aunts Christmas present, Andi was trying to be careful to use enough Galkyd to Make it dry fast enough for me to work on it by the next weekend. Well i was good, all until i got to the bright spot. I dont think i used ANY galkyd there. This morning it was still almost as wet as the day I painted it. Very Annoying. It might be okay to paint over tomorrow though. I hope. There is going to be A LOT more to this, but I thought it looked nice as it is as well. and Its something to post about, to keep me motivated.

I have another drawing in mind as well. I might make it a combination of vellum and acetate again, but It might just be markers since I haven't done that in a little while. I think I'll probably play with my Effects for my Fire animation probably and maybe add a few more inbetweens just to smooth out the ending part a bit, but I'm moving onto trying to design the style of my water as well (which prompted my new drawing idea as well).

So there's my news, sorta.
More tomorrow maybe

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