June 17, 2010

W.I.P. - Abade sun rock

Thought I'd throw up a Work in Progress of a marker drawing. I'm doing Abade sunning herself on a rock.
So far I've done most of the rocks and most of her, the sky only has a base layer. The sky is going to be a deep deep orange with glowing yellow clouds. like bright sunset...I deliberately didn't crop it so you could see my scrumbly edges. I made marks where the eventual crop might be, but sometimes it's nice to see the scrumblies.

The moss is 3 colours of green over top a yellow base. I blended them in a lot. I then used a piece of terry cloth misted with blender an dabbed it on for a little more texture in the rocks and the moss.

I'm going to finish it up this weekend I hope. I have to buy my other markers. Copics don't have a lot of oranges in the range.
Anyways, thought you'd be interested maybe... :)

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