June 13, 2010

Sketch Page

So, I meant to upload this a couple days ago, but for some reason the thought of scanning it was really off putting... it only takes a couple seconds, so I don't know what that was about. LOL.

So, I had to wait a couple hours at the Quay before going to a play (Diane's Daughter Gen was in Sweeney Todd at her highschool) and I was having a hard time drawing anything, so I started drawing the album cover displayed on my Zune,  which was Gaga. and then the other little heads sort of ... filled in the rest of the page.

Top left: Jack making a creepy face.
middle top: Nakia, I'd like to move her eyes but, whatever
below Gaga: Penelope
Below Jack: Bala
Below Nakia: Sarah
Below Sarah: Peni and Victor
Below Penelope: Random guy.

I left this one a little bigger so when you click to enlarge you can see my sketch lines.. if you want to. To me that's always the best part of sketches, but I know not everyone is so into the organic mechanics (as I call it) of drawing like I am.

Oh, I do all my sketches with a blue mechanical Colour Eno pencil by the way.
Anyways, hope someone enjoys my sketches :)

I might post some photos of the piles if cast Tiks and Abades I have later today, Hee hee :)

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