May 17, 2010

Sculpture and storyboard.


I did a little bust sculpture of a new character for Kitty's Daqueran. I did the sculpture as a first sneak peek. Check it out

Its Polymer clay, and Real moss.
The painting was a bit tricky. Once I layered a couple times, it started to resist the coming layers. Gave him a bit of a swampy skin texture I didn't mind too much :)
I did the original sculpt a month or so ago, but didn't bake it and finish it off until today.

I thought I'd scan a spread from my little Moleskine storyboard notebook. It's where I first translate my little writings into images. I then take these into photoshop and make a real storyboard from them and make all the changes there. 
my writing for my story tends to be in random notebooks, scribbled all about. I attempted to keep a real screenplay going, but it seems to be difficult for me HAHA! Eventually I will make sure everything gets translated into all its various elements though. Anyways, since I dont get to post much production stuff, I thought this might be nice for some people to see?

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