May 27, 2010

Character Bio: Gerard

Who is Gerard?
Gerard Falconer is the Elder of the Agouti village and father to Victor and Demi Falconer. He long held the position of Clan Leader but his involvement in a Tribal war left him emotionally scarred and, in his opinion, not stable enough to maintain the Position. He stepped down to allow his son to fill that role. He is a well respected and loved member of the village. He is the resident Falconer and animal trainer in the village. While most people are able to train their own animals, he will also buy or trade animals captured, train and resell them to other villagers. He also trains birds for hunting. His Gryphon Abade is his most trusted companion, as well as Gino Tanner, who has been a friend of the Falconers for many years.
Weakness: Self Doubt, does not place trust easily in people.
Strengths: Great instincts (but it's voided sometimes by his doubt), wise and patient.

What was the Inspiration for Gerard.
I'm a movie buff, and I've always liked the older men with lots of character in their faces. Crooked noses, angles, scars etc. so his appearance fills that love of mine. I've also hated the way TV and movies always portray older men as either feeble eccentrics, or wizards. Personality wise I needed a character that could be a mentor for Victor as he appears to be rather young, it wouldn't be fitting for him to lead a whole clan of people without some kind of guidance. His past and his knowledge will be important in the overall story as well.

Gerards Relationship to other Characters
Gerard, as I mentioned has 2 grown children Victor and Demi. He is closest to Victor mainly because if the needs of the clan leader, but he dotes on Demi. Victors daughter Nakia is very close to Gerard as well. Nakia is one of the few people who see the happier side of Gerard more often than not. 

Artwork with Gerard
unfortunately, few and far between

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