May 26, 2010

[sketchblog] may26/10 - old sketches

Well, I sketched on the Seabus today, but it was hard because it was wet, and crowded. SO I didn't do anything really worth the effort of scanning; I did however cruise through my old sketchbook and have a good laugh at myself when I saw this sketch in there.

Demi Falconer with her Bow and arrow in a tree straddling a branch. ROFL! It's quite ridiculous. I remember sketching it and thinking that at the time too. I recall that I was just really interested in doing some nice drawings of my characters with a weapon of some manner and I remember thinking about the little details like how her dress would pull on the branch, and steadying herself with her foot on the lower branch. Overall I do like the sketch, I don't know why I never finished it. Maybe someday I will.
So anyways, I decided to scan all my half ideas, sketches and stuff I thought might be interesting to you today, instead of posting bad seabus sketches :p

Right after that Demi sketch in the sketchbook is this little sketch of Gino Tanner with his whip. Yes, I thought a man who dedicated himself to tearing the hide from animals for a living would likely do the same thing in a combat situation. I vaguely recall not finishing it because it hid his face too much, and while I wasn't opposed to that per say, I didn't want to cover his cute moustache (such as it is). I might Finish it someday. One day I might be hard up for colouring! HAHA! I always need an excuse to break out the Copics.

Alongside gino in the book were these thumbnail sketches of various whip poses. Obviously a few of the more prominent ones are female, but I think that's just cuz I like drawing women so much, HA! Maybe I liked these poses better so I never finished sketching Gino for that reason. Who knows.

I do like 2 of these a bit better than the one I did in the above sketch so maybe one day I'll revisit the concept. Again, I don't think the sketch is bad. Unfortunately some of my best sketches never make it to the final drawing board, for one reason or another.

Lets see whats next, Oh yes. Some of you might recall in April I did a Sculpture of Kitty's unicorn from Daqueran. I did some initial sketches for that one. Here is the main image I used as a reference for that sculpture.
Turned out pretty good, I thought.

Speaking of Sculptures, there are 2 now on the go that I have planned for the near future; probably after Fan Fair Fest is over. They're a pair; both my monsters - my gryphon Abade, and my ..whatever, Joey - pining for cherries. I think they'll make a cute pair. In the sketch of Abade, you get a bit of an idea of the construction process I've got planned for her. I'm still looking for supplies for her construction as well. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to find little narrow pipes when you don't have a vehicle to explore outside your travel zones.
So there you go, A little glimpse into the unseen sketches of my big fat sketchbook... one of the many sketchbooks I have on the go at any given time. I have about 20 books either untouched or partially used. It's amazing how many I have sometimes, Lol.

Hopefully this was interesting to someone :)
As a last bit, here's a little section of my current sketch, that I hope to actually finish!

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