August 30, 2010

New project - Alberta memoirs comic.

Going back to my roots as a comic artist! I'm doing a comic series, sort of like a memoir of our trip with dad into the world of dinosaurs! It's going to be pretty cutesy, but also have some of my normal colourful language in it ;)
I've decided it's going to be either 8x8 or 6x6 square perfect bound book. and only one book, not multiple issues or anything. After this I'm going to do something about my mum too, but not sure what. we've never taken a long trip really. maybe when we moved to terrace.... That was an adventure!
The nice thing about my trip with Daddy is, it was well documented. Thousands of photos, a daily blog, and a trip map. All these will make it into my comic.
I think Each chapter will have a "day" Represented, so it will be either 7 or 8 chapters.
You can read about my trip on my other blog
Kitty is going to be making my template for me to make my pages for Ka-blam printing for when I scan each page, and I am debating posting it online or not. Technically my whole story is on-line already with the blog, and I'd hate to lose sales to the print world because people aren't very supportive of comic artists.
I know with Daqueran, many people don't buy it because it's online.

Well, anyway, this will be added on Gurukitty once I hammer out some of the logistics, and make a promotional image for it! I also need a title!
Any suggestions?

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