October 12, 2010

Hello, Albertosaurus - Production Diary

been working on Hello, Albertosaurus today. I was going to wait until after my Memoir course at Emily Carr, but I already know how to make comics, I took a course on it on 2004 as well, so why wait? I'm really only looking at the course to give some specific insight into making it a memoir more than the comic making part.

Anyway, I started working away on the page planning aspect of it. and I had an unopened sketchbook that turned out to be perfect. I have everything set up here, my post it notes, Triangle (improperly labelled as a t square, lol.) travel journal, and post it notes.

I am finally making use of all that table space I cleared out so I could have an art desk. When I'm home alone I often find it awkward to draw on the couch because I prefer to listen to music than watch movies while arting, but Kitty likes the movies. On my desk I'm right next to my music, and google, for referencing.

So I wanted to plan it out pretty well before tackling the full pages. I'm going to be colouring the whole thing in copic markers which as many of you know, can be a rather time consuming operation with all the layering and blending, so I want to make sure I have as few redo's once I get to the colouring stages, as possible.

Since my comic is going to be in a square format, Post it notes were a beautiful way to plan out my pages. I've taken 2 post it notes per page in my sketchbook, and each post it represents a page in the future comic. Then I have room to dabble little notes through out the margins. If I need to change a page, or add a page, I just un-stick the post its to re arrange. I've also left the back sides of the pages blank, in case something needs adding in etc. See my photo for a close up of a page layout page.

I'm so happy to finally have a Full Spectrum lamp at my desk. It's true what they say about reducing eye strain, and the colour matching! my Copics never looked so good! when i look up from the desk, my whole apartment looks like I'm looking at it through a glass of apple juice. The world is just yellow! LOL

Anyway, back to work!

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