November 01, 2010

Production Diary - Hello Albertosaurus Inking

Well, I'm moving slowly, Juggling projects and life, but I'm getting stuff done!
I've done the pencils for several pages from Day one(my chapters go by days of the trip) and so today I started inking some of the pages that were fully pencilled.
page 4 being inked on my Light Tracer 2
The Light box is a great one, but being that I'm working in a smaller format than Jeri does on Daqueran, the big light box can be cumbersome for me, especially since I like to work on my desk.
I'm excited that soon I'll be getting the 9x12 light pad from artograph. My store where I work is going to be getting them in soon (they already have the 6x9). its got a glass top so the surface will stay flat, and it's narrower so it will not sit so high on my desk. Also since it's 9x12 it won't take up so much room on my wee desk.The day 1 chapter will be readable on line once I get some pages set up and I decide where about I'm going to be posting it on line. Probably just on the website.
Anyway, back to inking.

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