March 13, 2011

Sketch Cards - Dinosaurs!

I was trying to get some sketch cards done up for the Convention on Sunday that were dinosaurs and Hello, Albertosaurus related. These dinos I thought turned out really cute! Theres also a Moma in there from BATP.
All coloured with Copic markers on Bristol sketch cards (the only time I use bristol)
Click to visit the image on dA
LochNess. Not a dinosaur as much as a cryptid. Could be a plesiosaur though.
Click to go to dA
Orthocones! I liked playing with these deep blues. got carried away!
Spinosaurus aegyptiacus! in the rain :)

Therizinosaur. I used copic airbrush on this one.
His colour scanned bad. his neck and throat is actually
That's about all I got for you! I hope you enjoy them :D These will all be for sale at our next convention! thats March 20th!

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