March 01, 2011

Markers - Work in progress

So I tried to get on livestream yesterday but my internet has been so screwy it really hasn't allowed much of anything lately. So instead I've been snapping little photos with my overhead camera as I've been working on my illustration.
starts at the top and scrolls down. The very last picture is the current state that it's in (as of typing) so as you can see, its a long process, lol. the first 5 are working on the wall, then the Tudor style horn cup, and skin, then Vic's hair.

Its Copics on Xpress it blending card.
This is by far my favourite paper to work with!

I thought it important that if I have 12 days off I should get something completed in that time, illustration wise. something more epic than the usual little portraits I've been doing. Also since I wont get much time for these sorts of work once I go full tilt on Hello, Albertosaurus.

By the way, you can read pages of Hello, Albertosaurus on GK now!
Chapter one posts mondays :)

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