May 09, 2009

Painting Updates

I have even more on the go now, HA HA! I can;t seem to stop starting new things and experimenting. I think my "on the go" painting count is up to 5 now. One Acrylic that will likely be finished in Oils since I'm not terribly fond of acrylic, one Oil abstract, the humming bird, once concept for an Encaustic painting, and a plein-Air piece that I probably wont touch anymore.

Okay First off, the Humming bird for my aunt Cathy. I work on it very infrequently because I am using oils, and a great deal of layering. I've gotten to a point where its starting to look done ish, but there is a lot of work to do on the branches in particular. The preview I've posted here is a bad photo that took a bit ago. Its drying in an awkward place with bad light so its hard to get a good picture and getting it down from its tower is a bit tricky. So deal with it. A good photo will come when it's finally done... Anyways, as you can see, its coming along. The humming bird is a little bit fantasy but you know... thats me bebeh!

I think it should be pretty nice when its done... I hope. When its done Mum will pay me the remainder.

What do you think? Any Suggestions for how I should finish it?

Next up, The encaustic painting I did today. Whoo! after so much anticipation I finally did one! HAHA! Anticipation for me anyways, I've had the supplies for so long now. I'm not 100% pleased with it. I think its a bit gloopy for me, but I still like the effects, and I had fun doing it. The luminosity of it is really stunning.
I used a few transparent oil colours, and some B.C. Beeswax, and R&F encaustic Medium since I havent gotten up the courage to make my own medium yet (and i haven't got the Resin... its sitting on hold at work).

I painted with it on my easel in a verticle position to get the nice drips, and I even took a heat gun and melted spots on the panel to create some lighter areas where the wood of the panel shows though and make more drips. I like the over lapping textures of the smooth wax pouring over the scrumbly wax.

I collaged a couple bone photos into it as well, as an experiment for a future project. Overall It turned out well and it was a promising experiment to lead into more adventurous encaustic work.

I've got a little Plein-air wet canvas carying apartatus I'm going to share on Experimental Guru later on as well! I made it to hold and carry my wet canvases when we went plein-air painting last weekend. It served very useful! That should be interesting! check it out :D


  1. perhaps you could give the branches a little bit more dramatic lighting and shadows so that it melts into the (intentionally?) dark background. i like that it's dark because it makes you focus on the subject matter, and the vertical panel makes the less-in-focus branch stop you at the top and bring you back down to the hummingbird.

    as far as the encaustics go... bravo! i have looked into them i'm glad that you, being the experimental guru, enjoyed it. at first i thought you had placed actual bones into the hot wax and built it up along the sides a little before removing them, and i was quite fascinated with the idea and execution... you had me fooled for sure! :)

    there was a really good article about encaustics in the Art Materials Retailer magazine that I think you would enjoy. you should seriously sign up for this maazine.. it's free and you will LOVE it. i always get excited when we get our monthly copy at the art store.

  2. I'll be honest, I like how the hummingbird is now. :D I think it's one of the best pieces you've done, with color and composition.

  3. i agree... it's good as is, there really isn't much else you need to do with it, and that's only if you're looking for something to do :)

  4. Lisa: Ya i intend to do some more dramatic shadows on the branches, almost as if the orb behind the bird was the light source. the branches that are cropped out on the top of this one (they didnt make it in the photo) are going to be quite dark, the back branch will be quite light and casting shadows on the foreground branch :)
    Thank you so much for the feedback :D

    Encaustics are much fun :D I really wish I DID have bones to embed! that would be fun :D I might have to do some corpse scrounging XD

    I love it, I love how fast it dries, and how it can change with each new layer! its fun :D

    I subscribed :D thank you :D

    Brenda: Thanks so much :D I'm pretty pleased with the bird too. Its got iridescent red powdered pigments mixed in so the red of his throat glitters like a real bird almost :)

    Thanks guys :D


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