May 18, 2009

Encaustics blogs

Encaustics How to Blogs

limnides expressed such an interest in Encaustics when I started posting mine, I started posting the blogs I've been wanting to do for a while. So far I've done 2 parts complete with photos:

Part 1

Supplies and tools. I went really in depth into which tools you would need, and how I improvised to make mine in a pinch. I've also included a list of pigments that should not be heated, so should be avoided in encaustics. I'll be expanding on that list as I get more information. I'll have to bug Maria again, I think I've asked her 100 times now HAHA!

Part 2
Making encaustic Medium. I step by step instruction on making encaustic medium from beeswax and resin crystals.

whats next?

Part 3-5 are coming up. I'll be making a walk through on doing an actual encaustic painting in the style that I use, since the internet is plugged full of tutorials on how to paint with the iron, but none on painting with brushes. I will also be doing a blog on safety for encaustics, and caring for encuastic paintings. So hopefully I will have sort of the definitive guide to painting with encaustics, since there doesn't seem to be anything that complete anywhere else.

What do you think?

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