May 07, 2009

Character Bio: Victor

Who is Victor?
Victor Falconer is one of the main characters from my film, Conflagration. He is the leader of a Village inhabited by people known as the Agouti. They are a group of kind and understanding trades people. The village has a reputation of being very peaceful and generous to other tribes. Victors Father Gerard was the former Leader, but he stepped down, and Victor has stepped up to fill his place.
Victor has always been a very kind and understanding leader, and has developed many close friendships in the village. He has a good sarcastic sense of humor and can put a positive spin on most things. He is willing to take risks and stand up for what he believes is right. He likes animals but his fathers Gryphon, Abade doesn't like Victor very much.

What was the inspiration for Victor?
Well Victor is the most like me of all my characters. Most of my art is inspired by music of some kind and I think that Victors theme music would be Celtic Fiddle medleys. The cheerful upbeat music, and the feelings of a great community, wholesome fun, tight knit families - all that inspires Victor.

Now playing on Winamp: The Rankin Family - Christy Campbell Medly

(This song very strongly inspires the relationship between Victor, Jack, Nakia,Penelope and Gerard for me.)

Victors relationship with other characters
Victor gets along really well with pretty much everyone, but he does tend to tailor his behavior to each person.
In regards to his daughter Nakia, He mostly observes her and lets her make mistakes. Particularly in watching her relationship with Jack develop through the film. When Nakia complains about how much Jack irritates her, he is more likely to sit and listen to her spill her guts, saying nothing until she's worn herself out.
He has the same relationship with his father Gerard, but opposite. Gerard will keep quiet while Victor vents. Occassionally though Gerard will offer some advice.
With Jack on the other hand, he tends to communicate more with. If Jack said something about Nakia being impossible or rude Victor would defend her, or agree... since she can be pretty impossible sometimes.

Artwork Featuring Victor

Now playing on Winamp: The Rankin Family - Mull River Shuffle
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