July 20, 2014

Weekly Art challenges: Value Composition

I've realized that a lot of the on-line art sharing websites just don't suit me. I've tried so many but most of the W.I.P. or critique based websites are CG heavy and as a result no one knows what to say or look at in regards to my semi realistic cartooning style. I didn't get a lot of useful feedback. DeviantART used to be the place to go but its overrun with trolls and comments and critiques have taken a side step to favouriting like crazy (Instagram style). So I've decided to take a different approach.

Weekly I'm going to choose a specific topic/theme to focus my art one, and just post the results of my focus here. Feel free to critique what I post, and feel free to post your own work in the comments and we can critique eachothers!

Okay, for my first week challenge I'm going to work on my Composition in regards to Value.
I tend to use bright colours and while I've got a decent amount of contract in my images I still feel like I could use some work on my Value Composition and silouettes. Muddy Colours recently had a great blog post about this which inspired me to get off my tuckus and work on this. I've been thinking about it for a long time. My comic, Conflagration is going to have a lot of intense scenes in it, in black and white, probably. Which means the better I get a handle on this now, the better chance my comic is going to be appealing and be successful.

I've taken a few of my recent art works and adjusted the threshold on them to see where I am at. I think 1.. maybe 2 of these are kind of successful a little bit but clearly I have some work to do.
Well, I'm going to get to work on thumb-nailing some ideas!!

Here are some great articles and Videos
Muddy Colours- using shape and value for better composition
Muddy Colours - Composition basics: Value structure
Muddy Colours- Composition Basics: Sketching Thumbnails
James Gurney - atmospheric distance and Value
James Gurney - Cure for middle value mumbling

 And I'll leave some of my newer art here too :)

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