July 27, 2014

Value Composition: Follow up

Well, I didn't actually get to art as much as I wanted to this week.  I did some thumb nailing but mostly I was doodling bad doodles trying to get myself out of an art block.

I'm going to give this Value Composition another week so I might product something up to a colour sketch of something.

So, here is my page of thumbnails. I was trying to find a composition for battle charge style image. There are a couple I like (6,12 and 14) and that I might expand into more detailed larger thumbnails to explore.
#12 is not exactly a battle scene but I wouldn't mind expanding on it into a different type of illustration. or adding details to it to make it a more subtle battle waiting scene.

Anyway, not so interesting but making an effort to spend a little time posting.
I'll leave behind 2 sketches I posted last week.

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