September 18, 2009


My newest art work (kind of a redo of an old CG I did actually)! Markers (copic, and prismacolour) on Aquabee Marker Card.
I used a very tedious rewarding blending technique I learned. I'm pretty pleased with the result. I think the sketch looks good too, but  I never scanned it since noone ever showed an interst in my sketches anyways. this took a couple days. I'm going to bring it to my marker demo that i am doing in November.

On that, In October I have an Airbrushing demo I am doing in Opus North Vancouver. Basics of airbrushing - cleaning airbrush, basic usage, and some non traditional techniques like I've used in some of my abstracts. then in November I am doing an artists demo on markers in the Opus in north vancouver as well. I'll be showing some marker techniques there.

Well its bed time now, I can sleep with satisfaction :)

Which one of my characters should I draw next?

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