August 13, 2009

Definition: French Grey?

At my job at the art store we just got in stock the Prismacolour double ended markers and various sets. One of the sets is a french grey set. I've used the french greys and they are lovely but what i want to know is what is the definition of french grey?

to me they look almost like greyed sepia tones. Someone at my work said he thought they were half way between a cool grey and a warm grey but to me that ... is very off. the between would be a neutral grey and the french are far from neutral. The prismacolour website doesn't show very accurately the colours but in person the french greys are quite brown.

So my question to you is, what is the definition of French Grey?


  1. My only thought would be a connection to 'french vanilla', which apparently originates from a custard dish with vanilla in it, so we come to associate slightly warmer toned vanilla ice cream with 'french'. Perhaps they're trying to evoke the same thought with these 'creamy' grey tones?


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