August 26, 2009

Alberta wax Flowers

I finally did another "painting"... Art, work, piece... whatever. The point is - its art, and i did it. God its so satisfying. watching my fingers as I type covered in Canvas coloured gesso, its like being back in my comfy clothes.

How its made: I had a regular cheap 8"x8" canvas and added a couple coats of Tri-Art Canvas gesso (canvas colour. Its like a buff). i dry brushed some Tri- Art Burnt Umber on there to grunge it up, and then did a bit of dry brushing of the Gesso again.

Once that was dry I got my tin of Gamblin cold wax and with a small palette knife spread a thin layer on. I used that layer to stick down my dried flowers. I then took the cold wax and carefully spread it all over the top of the flowers to hold them in place. I varied the thickness of the wax in some areas. the Wax is not transparent completely so it will stay opaque on some areas. it will stay pretty close to how it looks now when its dry. The result is some varied textures and opacity. I think it has a neat antique look to it.

What do you think?

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